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Brypophyte - liverwort
Agendas / Homework / Calendar
  • Masters Program
  • CSCL Investigations
  • Create Classroom Website
    • Create your classroom site
    • Create a structure for your website with a minimum of 20 directory pages or subdirectory pages.
    • Start populating your pages with resources
  • Contribute images to Dropbox folder for making banners for your sites (samples: banners )
  • Take photos of yourself in front of green screen or other similar uniform surface for chromakeying.
  • Chroma-key yourself in three or more science-relate scenes. (Video)
  • Make banners for  masters program, CSCL Investigation, and Classroom/School website.  Chroma-key all three banners. Video
  • Text Reference for working with Pixlr
Issues / Research