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Sharing how it is used in classroom
  • Mark Bell
  • Fadi Beyrouthy
Useful resources
Collaborative photo albums - Scan & Post
Editorial Work / Progress Report
  • Progress report - self report. 
  • Comments made are bulleted and black
    • respond to all comments:   indent, bullet, and purple
    • proceed in chronological order
Website mechanics
  • organization
    • layout / format
    • subpage menus
    • table of contents
    • sidebar / menu structure
  • handling docs
    • inserting docs & gadgets
    • linking to docs
  • html code
  • Photos
    • linking to photos 
    • setting photo dimensions
    • editing permissions
  • Suscribe to page changes
Masters Program website
Personal website
Personal website
  • Construct unique banners for each each website
Constructing tutorial and notes wikis
Professional/Academic Website ideas 
  • Discuss ideas

  • Take professional photo of yourself & upload, if you have not already done so
  • Make complete editorial comments on personal website of your editor
  • Make complete editorial comments on program website of your editor
  • Update your own self-reported Progress report 
  • Respond to all comments of your editor
  • Take chroma-key photos; and scenes for insertion
  • Check on Turnitin & Moodle accessibility for your district