555 Exit information / Incompletes



SED 555S candidates must complete the following three (3) online surveys at the website addresses provided:
~ CSUN Dispositions Survey, http://classeval.csun.edu/ password:  Exit555D
~ Candidate Fieldwork Experience Evaluation, http://classeval.csun.edu/ password:  sedfc  
~ CSU Exit Survey, http://www.csuexitsurvey.org 
The CSUN Exit Survey allows candidates to print out a verification form.  Please ask candidates to do this and collect them so that you may submit them later to the SED Office.


SED 555S candidates completing the PACT Teaching Event must also complete a demographic survey, so that PACT can collect data on those completing the Teaching Event. We do not receive individual results.  
Please make sure the students use the PACT ID assigned to them (if different than their student ID number).
The link to the demographic survey is: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9RR66ZF


SED 555S candidates complete two (2) evaluation forms in hard copy:
~ SED Supervision Evaluation Form
~ SED Seminar Evaluation Form   
These may be picked up from the SED Office, ED 1208 by this Thursday, November 29.  Please contact Christina Perez at 818-677-2580 to make any other arrangements. 
Make it clear that one form is for evaluating the supervision they receive from their university supervisor and the other for evaluating your seminar.  
As with any course evaluation, you should not be in the room with candidates as they complete these forms.  Please follow the directions provided with the forms (have a candidate distribute and collect the evaluations, return them to the original envelope, and deliver them to the SED office. Slide under the door after hours).   


All SED 555S candidates must complete an Individual Induction Plan form in consultation with their university supervisor and/or seminar instructor.  
Either the university supervisor or seminar instructor may sign the IIP.
We encourage you to spend some time in seminar discussing how to make the IIP a strong piece of reflection and professional development that can help the candidate plan for the first year of teaching.  Weak IIPs set out very general, superficial, unhelpful goals.
Students can find the IIP form and a sample here.
We suggest a deadline of Wednesday, December 12, since seminar grades are due on Monday, December 17.


PLEASE COLLECT the CSU Exit Survey Verification Form and the IIP. 
Please bring all forms that you collect to the SED office on or before Monday, December 17, 2012.  
If a candidate is unable to give you any of these required forms, he/she should be directed to bring the form(s) to the SED office.  
Candidates need to complete these requirements in order to receive a grade for SED 555S.    


An email from Julie Gainsburg contains the dates and procedures for final grades, including the PACT/PTE Incomplete policy.

554 End of Semester

554S: Supervised Practicum and Seminar


  • Please complete the following online survey at the website address provided:
  • ~ Candidate Fieldwork Experience Evaluation: http://classeval.csun.edu/
  • password: sedfc


  • Please complete two (2) evaluation forms in hard copy (handed out in 554S):
  • ~ SED Field Supervisor Evaluation Form
  • ~ SED Seminar Evaluation Form
  • One form is for evaluating the supervision they receive from your university supervisor and the other is for evaluating your student-teaching seminar experience.


Memo to Seminar Instructors Regarding New PACT/PTE Incomplete Policy
1)  Candidates who do not expect to submit a TE or PTE before the end of the CSUN semester must initiate the Incomplete process (consistent with the policy for other CSUN classes).  They do so by downloading TWO “Request for Grade of Incomplete” forms at:
ONE FOR SEMINAR (SED 554S/594S/555S) and ONE FOR STUDENT TEACHING (SED 554/594/555, 555BL, 555I, or 555IB), and completing the student section. They then give these forms to you to complete and sign. These forms should be submitted to you by your last seminar meeting. (A candidate who fails to do so and later needs to request an Incomplete is responsible for arranging to meet the seminar instructor to complete the forms and for submitting these forms to the SED Office.)
2)  For simplicity, you will be notified each semester of a default due date for the Incomplete, set roughly two months after the later placement schools’ semesters end.  This fall, that date is February 15, 2013.  However, the due date is up to your discretion, and if a candidate makes a convincing case for a later due date, you may give it.  
3)  When entering your seminar grades into the FileMakerPro Fall 2012 database, using the “Notes on this placement” field, enter a grade of Incomplete for any candidates who have submitted the Request for Incomplete form on time.  In the same field, also enter the explanation for the Incomplete (e.g., “Missing TE”) and the due date that you have assigned (e.g., “February 15, 2013”).  Bring the completed Incomplete Request forms to the SED Office and keep a copy for yourself.
4)  If a candidate submits the TE or PTE before final-exam week but too late to score for an on-time grade, we will not require him/her to fill out the Request for Incomplete form.  For candidates in this situation, you should simply enter into FileMakerPro: “Incomplete—TE [or PTE] submitted but not scored.”  
5)  The Student Teaching Coordinator, David Moguel, will make the necessary changes to the candidate’s grades and forms when the TE or PTE has been submitted and passed.  You will create and send the TE Score Report Letter for your late-submitting 555 candidates, as always, but you need take no other action to reverse the Incomplete grade. 
It is critical that you make this policy known to candidates early in the semester and remind them of it later.  As the semester draws to a close, please personally remind any late submitters that they must request the Incomplete via the form; the Incomplete will not automatically be granted.  If candidates do not submit the Request for the Incomplete before final-exam week and do not submit a TE/PTE before grades are due, they will be given a grade of No Credit for the seminar and will need to repeat the course.