TE-web page

Creating your TE web page

  • Template: Create a Wiki Teaching event  using the appropriate template
  • Name of Teaching Event:  Name your Teaching Event by the primary scientific principle illustrated, not by a cute non-descriptive title.  For example,
    • Making simple polymers  NOT Mysterious Gak
    • Density of gases NOT Balloon Challenge
  • Author: Put your name at the end of the title in parentheses. 
  • Formatting
    • Replace all of the blue text with your own.  Keep it blue so it is easy to see what is your work and what is part of the template.
    • Keep the formatting the same!  Make sure the font size and style remains the same.  Don't just copy and paste material.
  • Original Writing: Don't simply copy and paste material from another website.  This should be your own writing.  Cite references.


  • Upload photos to web album: Put all photos in the Teaching Event (TE) Online photo Web Album.  DO NOT upload images directly into the wiki as doing so will consume too much memory in the wiki and will make the photos more difficult to find for other purposes.  
  • Link to your photos: Open the web album and locate the photos you desire to use.  Open the desired photos by double clicking and select "copy image address".  The address should end with .jpg, indicating that you have selected a photograph.
  • Rules for Photos:
    • Take many photos and upload only the best. 
    • Photos should clearly illustrate the materials and principles.
    • Use plain backgrounds and remove extraneous materials when taking the photos.
    • Make certain to have adequate lighting.
    • Limit the number of photos to 4 or less.
    • Make certain to label your photos.  Any unlabeled photos will be deleted.


  • Existing Youtube Videos:  You can use the insert good videos from YouTube. Make certain that it illustrates the principles you desire and is well made.
    • Select "insert Youtube Video"
    • Paste the URL of your YouTube video.
  • Create Your Own Video: Include movies if there is a process or action that can be best understood by seeing motion.   Most point-and-shoot digital cameras and some high-end smart phones can take adequate movies. 
    • Good lighting.  Do not shoot the video inside at night as the light intensity will be too low to produce a high resolution video.
    • No distractions.  Make certain there is a plain or non-distracting background.  Remove materials that are unrelated to the activity. 
    • Brevity.  Keep the videos short and too the point. 
    • Upload video to our CSUN Youtube account:  The login is csunscience.  The password is obtained in class.
    • Once the video is uploaded, go to your wiki page and select "Insert / Video / Youtube".
    • Paste the URL of your YouTubeVideo. 

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