555 Exit information


SED 555S candidates must complete the following three (3) online surveys at the website addresses provided:

~ CSUN Dispositions Survey, http://classeval.csun.edu/ password:  Exit555D
~ Candidate Fieldwork Experience Evaluation, http://classeval.csun.edu/ password:  sedfc  
~ CSU Exit Survey, http://www.csuexitsurvey.org 

The CSUN Exit Survey allows candidates to print out a verification form.  Please ask candidates to do this and collect them so that you may submit them later to the SED Office.


SED 555S candidates completing the PACT Teaching Event must also complete a demographic survey, so that PACT can collect data on those completing the Teaching Event. We do not receive individual results.  Please use the following website:
Fall Demographic Survey for candidates link:


SED 555 candidates who have completed a PACT Teaching Event must print out and sign the PACT Teaching Event Sign-Off Form as a way to attest that the work on the Teaching Event is solely theirs.  Please collect the signed forms from candidates.   

Students can find the appropriate forms at SED’s PACT website, in the “PACT Teaching Event Sign-Off Form” link, at the following URL:


You can make the Sign-Off Form due Thursday, May 12, the same day as the IIP deadline below.


All SED 555S candidates must complete an Individual Induction Plan form in consultation with their university supervisor and/or seminar instructor.  

Either the university supervisor or seminar instructor may sign the IIP.
We encourage you to spend some time in seminar discussing how to make the IIP a strong piece of reflection and professional development that can help the candidate plan for the first year of teaching.  Weak IIPs set out very general, superficial, unhelpful goals.

Students can find the IIP form and a sample at SED’s PACT website, in the “IIP form” and “IIP sample” links, at the following URL:


The deadline would be Thursday, May 12, since seminar grades are due, from you to the Secondary Education Department, on Monday, May 16.


PLEASE COLLECT the CSU Exit Survey Verification Form, the PACT Authenticity Form, and the IIP.  (The supervisor and seminar evaluations will be collected by a candidate.)
Please bring all forms that you collect to the SED office on or before Monday, May 16, 2010.  
If a candidate is unable to give you any of these required forms, he/she should be directed to bring the form(s) to the SED office.  
Candidates need to complete these requirements in order to receive a grade for SED 555S.