The Teams 2011

  Whether is on binary or a leather ball, we know offensive play
Media^2 Whores   Some guys who like breaking stuff and the guys who like to write about it.
Cosmic Kites   From Argentina. A team born in the wind of the pampas (2nd place last year)
Asado Revenge   Argentineans and British playing soccer together as brothers for one common goal: try to recover from the previous-night's-hangover. Beware!
WCSC   Whitehatters Computer Security Club at University of South Florida in Tampa 
TeamZA   Returning champs!
lollerskaters dropping from rofl copters   We like sports! And we don't care who knows!
BRA Team 0x7DB   Brazilian Geeks are still here to show our natural born soccer skills.
5 times World Cup champions. We never play soccer but we're always attacking   ;).
  Team consisting of Gotham Digital Science employees. When not breaking
applications we are breaking ankles on the soccer field.
Goal++   Mobile security folks hoping the "mobile" part translates to the playing field.
We're a band of alcohol-fueled, east coast ruffians looking to put a US team
into the finals this year.
FOCA Team 2011   Last year we were defated just because we have an outage in our energy system.  It's publicy known that some people from argentina put something in out coffe to make
 "an slowest coffe". This year we improve our FOCA-Power and we are ready to defeat Argentians and people working for the goverment too.
CORE   Some argentinians and US folks featuring our female star Selena :)