The Teams 2013

   The Zynamics team
Immunity    Immunity's researchers team and friends
CLGT    Vnsecurity/CLGT team and friends
Media^2 Whores    Some guys who like breaking stuff and the guys who like to write about it.
Institute For Disruptive Studies    Institute For Disruptive Studies
TeamZA   TeamZA is made up of the fine folks who traditionally put up with about 30 hours of flying time to get to Vegas for BlackHat and Defcon.
While having the dubious honor of having played a tarmac soccer game in 2007 against some of our American cousins we make no claims other than being the best looking team there..
Cosmic Kites From Argentina. A team born in the wind of the pampas
GOAL++ Object oriented footballers, known to smash the net for fun and profit.
Dale Scotta
 This group of futbol aficionados take the teachings of master "gringo" Scotta to the next level to concentrate on penetration testing the other team's defenses.
#BRA Team
  Brazilian Geeks with high skilled soccer DNA in their blood. The best representative group we could find of the long history tradition on Brazilian soccer, the 5 times World Cup champions. We never play soccer but we're always attacking   ;)
The FOCA TEAM  The development team tool FOCA, from Spain.
IOSoccer  IOActive soccer team.