Team ZA

Cosmic Kites


1st Round

On the first round, the teams divided by group play between each other. Only two of the three teams qualify for the next round.

Group A
 Group B
Group C
 Group D
Foca Team
TeamZA Cosmic Kites
Dale Scotta
Immunity Media Whores #BRA Team
Zynamics CLGT Institute For Disruptive Studies Team IOSoccer

2nd Round
The second round was a death match, from each match there was a winner. I

GOAL++        5
         5  Cosmic Kites
#BRA            2
GOAL++ 2
    9 Cosmic Kites
 1  FOCA
     TeamZA 3
2 Cosmic Kites
TeamZA        8
TeamZA  5
    3 Immunity
 3  Dale Scotta
MediaWhore  2
         4  Immunity