Security Foundry Home Page

Greetings and welcome to Security Foundry.  This site is currently just a place for me (Chuck Willis) to post information about the talks I have given at conferences and the little tools that I have written.   I hope you find it useful.

Conference Presentations

Information about various presentations that I have given can be found on my conference presentations page.


Information about some small tools that I have worked on can be found on my tools page.


I work as a Security Consultant for MANDIANT.  I also write occasionally for Mandiant's M-unition blog and I am now on Twitter as @chuckatsf.

If you are in need of any sort of security consulting, computer forensics, incident response, or training services, please check out our website at or you can email me directly at chuck.willis (at) mandiant (dot) com.  MANDIANT also has several free security tools for security professionals and system administrators available on its website.

College Papers

When I was in college, I did some Java related research.  It is pretty dated now, but may be useful to someone so I included those on my college papers page.

Contacting Chuck

If you would like to contact me, you can find that information on my contacting Chuck page.