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Installation of CCTV Cameras Curbs Crime Rate

Article Written By: Calibre Facilities


The usefulness of the CCTV camera in identifying criminals has made it as one of the most important devices in crime detection.  CCTV installation is one of the specialties of security services in Kent. Residential buildings and business establishments are now required to have CCTV cameras for their security and protection.


Enhanced CCTV and PIR System


Ordinary CCTV cameras can produce blurred images that make it difficult to see people’s faces. Security services in Kent use sophisticated monitoring devices that can capture real time images with the highest definition. When asked to install CCTV, professional installers place several devices in places that can be possible access points for the criminal and in other critical areas in the facility.  A PIR or Passive Infrared Sensor makes it possible to store videos off-site. Some criminals destroy the CCTV cameras before committing the crime, but with PIR system, videos are stored and kept somewhere else and authorities can retrieve them anytime. In fact, as long as you are connected to the internet, the videos can be viewed from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.


 In cases where the crime is being committed, an alarm monitoring device will signal people in the control viewing room to see the cause of the alarm. If something suspicious is being done, security personnel will be alerted so that the activities of the criminals will be aborted and they would be apprehended.


If presence of more security personnel is required, there are teams of mobile drivers ready to be deployed to the location so that damage can be minimized.