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Defective Drug Class Actions


Fosamax has FDA warnings for femur fractures and for dead jaw, which has lead to infections and to rotting or fractures.


 Women taking Zoloft during pregnancy are twice as likely to deliver a child who has a heart defect.


Many Type II Diabetics were diagnosed with bladder cancer after taking Actos.


Pradaxa has been linked to serious, even  fatal bleeding events and brain hemorrhages.

Granuflo and Naturalyte

 The kidney Dialysis medications - GranuFlo and NaturaLyte - have been linked to sudden heart attacks and they have been recalled.


The Antidepressant Effexor has been linked to birth defects of the heart,of the spine,and of the abdomen.


People have fallen ill with meningitis linked to a contaminated batch of  steroid medication made by a compounding pharmacy.


Lexapro and  SSRIs have both been linked to a risk of birth defects in newborn babies.


Propecia has reportedly been linked to erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer and to  male breast cancer.


Accutane Has warnings on the label for Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease and also for ulcerative colitis.

Yaz and Yasmin

Yaz and Yasmin birth control pills have settlements for pulmonary embolisms (PE), deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and blood clots.


 Bextra has warnings for Stevens -Johnson Syndrome and  other serious skin conditions plus heart attacks and strokes.


Zyprexa has been linked to numerous dangerous side effects like diabetes.


Vioxx was recalled in 2004 after a study found that it caused users to have a higher rate of heart attacks and strokes.


Medical studies have shown that serious side effects can affect type II diabetic patients who taken Avandia, including heart attack, stroke, and liver damage.


Used to treat Type 2 diabetes, Byetta will receive a black box warning for  kidney problems.


Reglan (generic: metoclopramide) received a black box warning from the FDA to alert consumers of the risk of tardive dyskinesia, a neurological disorder that causes involuntary movements.


Patients taking the cholesterol-lowering drug Zocor (80mg) may be at risk for rhabdomyolysis, a life-threatening form of muscle damage.


A Meridia recall has been issued, after a study showed a 16% increase in the risk of heart attack, stroke, resuscitated cardiac arrest and death among patients taking the prescription weight loss drug.

Darvon and Darvocet

Prescription pain medications Darvon, Darvocet, and propoxyphene have been taken off the market due to the risk of potentially fatal heart rhythm abnormalities.

Metanx Substitutes

Reportedly, pharmacies have been substituting Metanx with Folast, Neurpath-B or Duleek-Met, which may not be adequate substitutions, and patients who have been dispensed these products as a Metanx substitute may be entitled to compensation.


Women taking Topamax or the generic topiramate during pregnancy have an increased risk of delivering a child with a cleft palate, cleft lip or other oral birth defect.

Medical Food Generics

Allegedly, pharmacies have been dispensing nonequivalent medical food generics for prescription products, such as Deplin, Neevo Metanx and Cerefolin.


Approved to prevent strains of HPV, Gardasil has been linked to deaths, paralysis and other side effects in patients receiving the HPV vaccine.

Heparin Recall

A rapid blood thinner, Heparin is used in dialysis and surgery to prevent blood clots. Unfortunately, in Jan. 2008, a tainted batch of Heparin caused serious allergic reactions in patients.

Levaquin and Cipro

Used to treat bacterial infections, Levaquin and Cipro have been linked to serious tendon injuries, including Achilles tendon ruptures.


Paxil is an anti-depressant used in patients with depression and anxiety disorders. Unfortunately, some young patients taking the drug have developed suicidal tendencies, while mothers on the anti-depressant have delivered infants with birth defects.

Renu Moisture Loc

ReNu Moisture Loc contact lens solution has been pinned as the cause of an outbreak of eye fungus known as fungal keratitis. Fungal keratitis is a severe infection of the cornea.


Seroquel is a drug used to treat schizophrenic and bipolar patients. However, medical evidence has shown that many patients taking Seroquel have developed diabetes.


Trasylol, a drug administered during bypass surgery to prevent excessive blood loss, has been linked to many life threatening side effects. Studies have shown that risk of death was significantly higher in patients injected with Trasylol.

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) provides compensation to individuals who have suffered an acute adverse reaction to a vaccine resulting in permanent injury.


Zelnorm, a drug used to treat patients with constipation from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), has been linked to heart attack, stroke, and other serious side effects.


Zicam Cold Remedy products have been recalled by the manufacturer after the FDA received 130 reports of anosmia, or loss of sense of smell, from Zicam users.


Used to treat children with ADHD, Adderall has been linked to life-threatening side effects including heart attack and sudden death.

Advair and Serevent

Advair and Serevent are prescribed to minimize the occurrence of asthma attacks in patients. While these drugs decrease the number of attacks, patients taking the drugs may experience a severe asthma attack that can lead to death or hospitalization.

Boniva Side Effects

Used to treat osteoporosis, Boniva has been linked to osteonecrosis or dead jaw in users.


Over 6 million Americans have tried to quit smoking by taking the prescription drug Chantix. Unfortunately, Chantix has reportedly been linked to suicide and mood changes in users.

Digitek Recall

 April 2008, Digitek was recalled due to a manufacturing defect that may have exposed patients to a double dose of Digitek.


Fentora, off-label use may have placed patients at a high risk for serious side effects, including death.


Crestor may put users at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes, as well as heart attacks, a health problem the drug aims to prevent by decreasing cholesterol.

Provigil and Modafinil

  Some physicians have prescribed Provigil for off-label uses.


 Actonel has warnings for developing dead jaw, which occurs when bone tissue in the jaw does not heal after minor trauma, or femur fractures.

Dangerous Medical Devices Class Actions

Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits

The vaginal mesh treats women with urinary stress incontinence and with pelvic organ prolapse. The Mesh Bellwether trials have begun for the Prolene vaginal mesh.

DePuy ASR and Pinnacle Hip Implant

The DePuy hip replacement products, the ASR Hip Resurfacing System and the ASR XL Acetabular System,were recalled after new data showed that many patients needed corrective surgery.


Mirena intrauterine contraceptive devices have been linked to perforation of the uterus, which can lead to other complications including organ damage, infection, intestinal puncture and infertility.

Stryker Rejuvinate and ABG II Modular Stems Hip Implants

Stryker Corp. has recalled two metal  component hip replacements because they may corrode, causing damage to body tissue  with symptoms of pain and swelling.

DePuy Pinnacle Acetabular Cup System

 DePuy Pinnacle multi district litigation settlement payouts have begun.

Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft

If used in cervical spine surgery and other unapproved settings, the Medtronic infuse bone graft can reportedly lead to infections, male infertility, cysts, swelling of the neck and throat, difficulty swallowing, trouble breathing and even to death.

Avaulta Transvaginal Mesh

It was designed to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP), the Avaulta transvaginal mesh has been linked to surgical mesh complications, including pelvic pain, vaginal scarring, inflammation and infections. The Bellwether trials have started.

Gynecare Vaginal Mesh Bellwether trials have started.

Johnson and Johnson has announced that it plans to take four of its vaginal mesh products off the market.

Zimmer Knee Replacement

The Zimmer NexGen CR-Flex Knee Replacement has been linked to early failure rate. As a result, surgeons have requested a Zimmer knee implant recall.

Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch

The Ortho Evra contraceptive patch was introduced as an alternative to oral contraceptives. However, the higher amount of hormones released by the patch puts women at risk for serious side effects like heart attack, stroke and pulmonary embolism.

Ti Synex II Vertebral Body Replacement Recall

All of the lots of the Ti Synex II Vertebral Body Replacement have been recalled after patients complained of increased pain, spinal compression fractures and neural injury.

Shoulder Pain Pump

Shoulder pain pumps help patients with post-surgery pain without the help of narcotics. Shoulder pain pumps can cause long-term shoulder damage.

Medtronic Sprint Fidelis Lead

The Sprint Fidelis lead wire in Medtronic defibrillators has been recalled. Research showed that the wire can break and cause a shock.

Composix Kugel Hernia Mesh Patch

Used to repair incisional hernias, the Composix Kugel Hernia Mesh Patch was recalled due to a defect in its memory recoil ring.Many patients had already experience bowel obstructions, sepsis and other serious side effects before the patch was deemed defective.

Duragesic Patch Recall

Duragesic patches, also known as fentanyl patches, are used to treat chronic pain, most commonly in cancer patients. However, Duragesic patches have received a warning by the FDA because of possible leaks from the patches, which can lead to death.

Gadolinium Injection Risk

Gadolinium-containing contrast agents allow doctors to spot abnormalities during MRIs and MRAs. However, gadolinium contrast agents have been linked to a potentially life-threatening condition known as nephrogenic systemic fibrosis in kidney patients.


NuvaRing is a contraceptive ring that is placed near the cervix and releases hormones to prevent pregnancy. Serious health risks associated with NuvaRing include heart attacks, strokes, and pulmonary embolism, among other dangerous side effects.

Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Socket Implant

Patients implanted with the Durom Cup Hip Socket experience severe pain after surgery, often leaving them more immobile than before the procedure.

Wright Conserve Hip Replacement

The Wright Conserve hip replacement has been linked to metallosis and other side effects associated with metal-on-metal hip implants.

Biomet M2A Magnum Hip Implant

The Biomet M2a-Magnum has been linked to a number of side effects including pain, metal poisoning and popping noises.

Artelon CMC Spacer

The Artelon CMC Spacer has reportedly been linked to a number of issues including inflammation, shooting or burning pain, bone loss, and misshapen thumb, which may require a revision surgery.

Unnecessary Stents

Some hospitals owned by HCA in Florida reportedly performed unnecessary cardiac catheterization and stent procedures in patients without significant artery blockages in an attempt to generate more revenue.

LDR ROI-C Cervical Cage

The ROI-C cervical cage has been linked to spinal in nerve injuries in patients undergoing spinal fusion surgery with the device.

Smith and Nephew Hip Implant

Smith and Nephew has recalled a metal liner used in one of its hip implants after more patients than expected needed revision surgery to remove the device.

Durata Leads

The FDA has uncovered a number of problems related to the design and manufacture of the St. Jude Durata defibrillator lead.

DePuy Knee LPS

The FDA has recalled a component of DePuy's knee Limb Preservation System (LPS) due to a fracture risk. Patients may be at risk for loss of limb, infection and other


Environmental Hazards Class Actions

Asbestos-Related Illnesses

During the 1900s, many asbestos companies knew the dangers of the mineral, but neglected to inform their employees or the public. Decades later, former asbestos company workers are developing deadly diseases, such as mesothelioma.

Benzene Exposure

Benzene is one of the most widely used chemicals in the United States, found in everything from plastics to detergents. While most people have little exposure to benzene, chemical plant and oil refinery workers with long-term exposure to the chemical have a higher risk of developing leukemia, anemia and excessive bleeding.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Lawsuits

A BP settlement has been reached to compensate individuals and businesses who suffered economic losses, property damage or illness due to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Lead Poisoning

More than 1 million children under the age of six have lead levels of 10 micrograms per deciliter. This elevated lead level can lead to brain damage, learning disabilities and behavior problems in children.

Ground Water Contamination

If gasoline, chemicals or oil enter the groundwater, individuals drinking or bathing in the water are at risk for serious health effects. Contaminated groundwater can lead to a variety of health problems including liver conditions, heart trouble, cancer and learning disabilities.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Many over-the-counter drugs, including Advil Liquid Gels and Children's Motrin Chewable tablets  have been linked to Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS). This medical condition affects the skin and mucous membranes and can lead to  injury or death.

Food Poisoning

While most healthy people  recover from food poisoning in a few days, children, elders and those with compromised immune systems can develop serious  complications including Guillain-Barre Syndrome.



Prostate drug Proscar has reportedly been linked to the development of prostate cancer and male breast cancer in users.


Antibiotic Z-Pak, also known as Zithromax and azithromycin, has been linked to a small increase in the risk of a cardiac-related death.


Anti-nausea drug Zofran may affect the heart's electrical activity, leading to a potentially fatal heart rhythm known as

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What are some of the reasons class actions are filed?

Typical reasons for class actions include: shareholder class actions, consumer class actions, class actions for employment discrimination. A class action can be filed any time a group of people (or even small businesses) have been similarly injured by wrongdoing.

Most class actions are filed for compensatory (money) damages. Class actions may also be filed to resolve disputes over a "limited fund," where the money available is inadequate to fully compensate all class members. Occasionally, class actions are filed to seek a declaratory judgment. Finally, a class action may seek injunctive relief. For example, a class action may be filed to request the court order the police or authorities to discontinue an unconstitutional practice.

Do class actions yield substantial recoveries?

While the result obtained ultimately depends on the strength of the case, it is a myth that class actions do not yield substantial returns for claimants. For instance, settlements in the American Continental/Lincoln Savings & Loan Securities litigation yielded approximately $250 million, over eighty percent of total damages of $288 million. More recently, Waste Management, Inc. shareholders recovered $220 million, while Informix shareholders won a settlement in excess of $100 million. Strong cases can and do yield strong recoveries.

Can I be bound by a settlement or judgment of a class action?

Yes. If the constitutional and procedural protections required for fairness are met in the underlying action, all absent class members are bound to the judgment or settlement of the case. However, if the action is primarily for compensatory damages, absent class members are entitled to notice and an opportunity to "opt-out" (exclude themselves) from the proceedings. If a person opts-out, he is not bound by any judgment or settlement of the class action. In the event a class action is for declaratory or injunctive relief, notice is not required to bind absent class members and the court may not allow you to opt-out.
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