For the 2018-2019 school year the IPLC at Section will continue to be divided into 2 grade level groupings.  First and second grade will be together, third and fourth grade will be together and fifth and sixth grade will be together.  This has been a successful set up  and we are looking forward to our sixth year of the IPLC at Section!

What is an IPLC?

Section Elementary School has three 
IPLCs (Innovative Personalized Learning Communities) which include students of different ages learning at one’s own personal pace. Students work independently and together to advance their learning based on each student’s personal capabilities and accomplishments. Individuals become self-aware and take an active role in pursuing rigorous learning objectives. 

Students deepen their understandings through inquiry-based learning. Reading, writing, and thinking skills will be developed through exploration, research, and problem-solving about our world and interrelated concepts. The communities rely heavily on 21st century technology as learning tools to track learning progress and to communicate with other learners.

Similar programs have been established in a number of surrounding districts.  This program was a success pilot for the Mukwonago Area School District during the 2013-14 school year and is continuing as an option for students at Section Elementary.