The Force

"The Force" : Dumb Idea of StarWars Creators, or a Valuble Astral Asset? 

Shields are a very important thing to know how to do prior to attempting any form of telepathy or empathy.

The most basic form of a shield is to imagine a gray wall around you which cannot be penetrated by anyone without your explicit permission. As long as you believe that it will not be penetrated, it will not be, and can not be.

 One thing that I want to make clear, is that The Force generally the exact same thing as usage of Psionics. In fact, The Force uses Psionics. There are a few abilities which land under The Force which do not exactly fit under Psionics, but in general, just about everything that fits under Psionics would fit just as well under The Force.
 The only thing lacking from The Force which is included in Psionics, is that Empathy falls more towards Psionics.


 It is, in fact...Fact. Not just a "dumb idea". It is the driving force behind Magic. None of it is false, in fact. All of it can be done, anywhere from the Force Push to the Light saber effect. The Light saber may not be exactly as they claim in the movies, but it's still rather impressive.

The Basics 

One thing that The Force helps train is the ability to attune yourself to your surroundings. The only difference between this attunation and normal attunation is that you don't need an elemental source. In fact, it is best if you do not attempt to attune yourself to any specific element at all. Simply expand your mind and be aware of your surroundings. I manage to see past things with my physical eyes, or not even focus at all, and still clearly see them in my mind. You do not have to get to that level, though after enough practice, things like that will come easily to you.

Light saber

The Light saber effect is actually quite easy. Any weapons created with this effect can be invisible, if you use raw Force. It does not consist of creating the device seen in the movies. All that it requires is that you focus energy into your hand, and form it upwards into a blade that you're holding. Keep in mind, if you do this too long, or if you do it with too much energy, the possibility of burning your hand is present. One suggestion is that if you begin doing it physically, wear gloves.

Once you get good enough at it, you can actually use it to create free-form weapons. I am able to make a kunai-knife or a ninja star with it, and fling it, without it dissipating.

Force Push

One of my favorite abilities. First, expand your mind so that you are 100% aware of your target. A hand motion away from you is all that it takes in order to shove them away from you. There is no need to summon energy into your hand, because you are not using your own energy for this attack. You are using the enemy's energy against them. What is happening is that you are throwing kinetic energy (movement energy) directly at them, causing them to move.

There are many more creative uses, as well. You can radiate kinetic energy outwards from your body, and if it is strong enough, you can even stop a moving blade against your skin. Much like an IronSkin spell, only better, because it stops the weapon instead of still making you absorb the impact. Though, I do NOT suggest trying this physically - if you insist on trying it, use something safe, like a stick, before trying with something dangerous.

An average force push can shove a person a few feet, but the ultimate level of the force push is when you hit them with the same level of inertia (fancy word for kinetic energy, if you don't know) as a train. I have seen force-pushes strong enough to kill in one blow.

Telekinesis (also in Psionic Forces page)

This is a controlled form of the Force Push. It is not one-directional. You can use it to push, yes, but you can also use it to lift, and move things. It can be used for many of the same things as a force push, such as stopping a blade, though it has many more practical uses. Lazy? Get the remote with your mind! Hell, while you're at it, push the buttons with your mind, too!! The list goes on. And on. And on.

I would suggest going on Spellhawk's "How to be a Jedi" document, and once at that document, looking under "Psychokinesis" (A more general name for the Telekinesis) for a better explanation, as well as extra details. Though, I will still explain it.

  • Expand your mind so that you are aware of the object you are attempting to manipulate.
  • Feel "The Force" lifting it, or moving it according to how you want. Do not expect it to work imediately; it takes practice.
  • By this point, you can bend it to your will. Practice, practice, practice. But do not wear yourself out. It is possible to pass out from too much strain during any magic; especially physical magic. Though, a headache would probably make you stop before unconsciousness would get to you...


If not done with prior mastery, or at least knowledge as to how to use the force, it helps to use hand motions and/or words to do it. For example, you could wave your hand upwards and/or say 'up', for up, and wave your hand down and/or say 'down' for down.

After a while, what you are intending to do is get to where it feels natural. If you wish to hurry this process along, find the emotional signals which go with the directions. For example, imagine it lifting with the emotion of joy. The emotional signals can sometimes be difficult to place names behind, though you will find that they are very easy to bring about once you get used to it.

For a free floating field, try to feel a field of energy to lift things up.