How to move instantaneously from one point to the next.

The idea behind Teleportation is that the mind moves the body from one area to another. It requires anchors near the places where you wish to teleport, and one must know where they want to go. Either by having been there before, or at least knowing the general directions to get there.

This normally takes a desire as well as a need to get there. For example, you want to get home. That is your desire. You are stuck somewhere without a ride home. That is your need.

Anchor points

This method requires you to set anchor points, either as key locations on a map in your head, or as an actual object which you use as a reference point of where to teleport close to. You could use the object's energy, or your own, or any other around.


Teleportation takes a lot of energy. 30% of your body energy (depending on how much you use of your own energy and of outside energies), and a possible 5%+ of your body mass. Draw energy from any sources around you, and it also helps to imagine an energy sheaf around yourself which will also off of surrounding energies, as well.
The more you do it, however, the easier it will become, as well as the less energy-costly it will become.

Heat is a good source, as well as Astral planar energies. Do not use electricity unless you wish to black out.


Imagine yourself in the new location, and will yourself to be there. Your subconscious will take care of getting you there. It will be similar to being sent through a tunnel, to the anchor point of your choice.

And of course, do not expect this to work on your first try. Especially on the Physical realm, as opposed to the Astral.