Raw Magic

Pure Power. 

Note: If you want to see Spellhawk's definition of 'raw magic', scroll down to the part about 'uncontrollable' raw magic. Mine is a slightly different view. 

This is not the magic for the weak-willed. This is not said to scare people off, however, for you will soon develop a strong will as you progress into raw magic. This magic is the art of using the elements in their rawest form, to skip the spells, inchantments, incantations, and meditation, and get right to the point. It is similar to using the Force, only with the elements. Users of raw magic are the ones that you see on the television and in movies who are able to fling around fire, water, etc, without the use of spells. Of course, spells are still used by those who master raw magic. They are not absolutely required, but of course, for summonings and a few larger effects, it is always helpful to have a few spells at the ready.

When you make an energy ball, or when you cause a direct elemental effect such as making the wind blow, you are using raw magic. It is not the easiest magic to learn, but once you do get into it, you will be glad you did. In my opinion, it is the most convenient, and the most fun.

For example, if you are caught in the middle of a storm, it is Raw Magic which is used to control it. Though, it is not suggested that you do so with a storm, because it is easy to get struck by lightning unless you are connected to both the earth and the storm. For one example, you could channel the energy through a symbolic link (imagine a drawing of clouds above you, ground below you, you in the middle, and the quality of the drawing does not matter; then imagine a line connecting you to the clouds, and one connecting you to the earth) from the clouds to the earth, and though it may fall harder for a short period, it will end sooner. This is but one example of what is possible with raw magic.

Another example is battle magic. What I consider 'battle magic' is the ability to use energy as a weapon in the middle of combat, in place of sitting on the sidelines as the basic equivalent of a Cleric on many games, doing none of the fighting, and all of the spellcraft, avoiding the enemy at all costs. Battle magic is nearly infinite in it's possibilities. As long as you can create a blade of energy, which is really rather easy, you have grasped the basics. Imagine a sword in your mind, either of an element or merely a basic sword of the type of your choosing. Next, imagine it appear in your hand. The other alternatives include a sword with a flame around the blade. It is possible to make it so that the blade cannot cut you, and the fire cannot burn you, simply by believing that those rules will apply as you make the blade. Fireballs, air-balls, energy blasts of any sort, a tidal wave, anything that is Magic and able to harm your opponents during battle - this is Battle Magic.

'Uncontrollable' Raw Magic 

There is also uncontrollable raw magic, which is really only a little harder to control. It is not suggested for use by newcomers to raw magic, however, because I have screwed up with it before and caused self-injury. Though, many forms of instantaneous healing are also raw magic. (To do instantaneous healing, imagine energy rushing into the area of the wound, and turning into flesh, in place of what was damaged.) Raw magic of this sort is normally reserved to the use of Dragons and other such beasts. For example, their fire breath is raw fire magic. It is capable of burning through any material, and some are able to send their fire at speeds of many miles a second, making contact with the target at the very moment that it is launched, making it literally instantaneous. 

In order to use uncontrollable raw energy (what Spellhawk calls 'Raw' magic), in comparison to general fire magic (what I call 'Raw' magic), is that uncontrollable raw energy is best used when gathered and released, without intent to control. It is an 'uncontrolled creation', as Spellhawk says. It is done by control of chaotic force, 'like how fire explosions put out an oil flame. You're directing it with water, by chaotic, erratic use.'