Shields are a very important thing to know how to do prior to attempting any form of telepathy or empathy.

The most basic form of a shield is to imagine a gray wall around you which cannot be penetrated by anyone without your explicit permission. As long as you believe that it will not be penetrated, it will not be, and can not be.

 One thing that I want to make clear, is that Psionics are generally the exact same thing as usage of The Force. There are a few abilities which land under Psionics that do not exactly fit under The Force, but in general, just about everything that fits under The Force would fit just as well under Psionics.
 The only thing which does not fit as well under The Force as Psionics is Empathy. Therefore, it is only listed under Psionics.

Before I begin the actual explanation regarding how to use the psionic forces, let me make this clear, as well. For me, writing about psionics is a rather awkward thing to do. This is not because I am not good at using them, but because using them has become so natural to me by this point, that I do not think about using them most of the time. "I just do it" is really the best explanation. I simply imagine an outwards force, for example, when using a force push. Of course, I also believe that this is something to strive for. The more natural it feels to you, the faster your reaction time, and likely, the stronger you are as well.

There are only a few abilities which I am able to classify as anything other than The Force.


Before you begin, you must understand your own emotions, so that you do not get your own emotions confused with those of the person/people who you try to read psionically. For example, if you are in an unstable mental state, when you connect with a person (I will explain in a moment), it is possible for your emotions to spill over towards them. This can cause problems for the both of you.

It could give you an inaccurate reading, as well as... Well, say for example that your mental instability comes from anger or sadness. Once you spill out onto them, they will feel the same way, and they will not know why. Be careful with that, because the issues that it may cause can sometimes be impossible to predict until you are to the level where you would not spill off emotions to begin with.

Now, on to connecting. The simplest way to explain it, is that in your head, you imagine two people. One is you, and one is the person that you are trying to connect with. Imagine a simple line between the two of you. This is the link. The complicated part, generally, is learning to decode the messages. You will receive the person's thoughts in emotion form. The reason that this can get confusing, is because entire pages worth of information can sometimes be based in a single second-long flicker of emotion.

The reason that I put the suggestion at the very top of this page is because, for some people, information overload is far more than a possibility. For many people, it is a reality, and for a few sensitive individuals, it can be absolutely crippling. There have been cases of people staying away from others, due to their inability to walk through crowded areas without being overloaded by many thoughts at the same time. Not everyone has this problem, though it is rather normal to be bombarded with thoughts and emotions in crowds where emotions are running high, be it from happiness, sadness, anger, or anything else.

Quoted from conversation with Spellhawk: "I have a clear perception on seeing into others heads. Its to see in which appears as in a scene that you relate to, by trying to understand the message. It's in the world of thier own mind except its as if somewhere where your having two messages with one voice translating the message. It's as if your own message. I recently tried to block out by ignoring the message, but I naturally hear them. Its as if my aura is super sensitive by attunation, and it picks up on these things."

For most people, a simple shield, or a good ability to ignore the many voices/emotions is an easy fix to this issue.

I say "voices/emotions" because, after a while, they come to a point where they feel like the same thing. I use my empathetic ability, and even though I don't hear the voice, I feel as though I read a person's thoughts - information being planted into my head, word for word as they think it, without their actual voice behind it. I also say 'voices' because the same applies to telepathy as well, only even more strongly than with empathy, because in crowds (or around 'loud' thinkers), it can actually sound as though every person in the area is talking directly to you at the exact same time.

And, that brings me to the next ability on the list.


One of the most basic prerequisites to being a telepath, is a stable mental state. In Spellhawk's document on psionics/telepathy, he spoke of an immovable, unshakable platform, where nothing can get to you or harm you in any way. What this was, was merely an icon to appeal to your subconscious and force it into stability via symbolism. I highly suggest to follow that idea, though, because it does what is intended. If you have your own way of doing this, which suits you better, then use that instead. Magic is partly about eventually moving on to make your own techniques/methods and abilities/skills to fit you, so do what you fit best.

"Wearing someone else's underwear doesn't feel natural, so why should it feel natural to use someone else's techniques? Feel free to modify mine to find your own ways!"

Begin by calming your mind and ridding yourself of any unneeded emotions that you can manage to get rid of, by imagining yourself on an immovable platform where you cannot be harmed, or by any other method you find is useful. Personally, I rid myself of my emotions, and think objectively. Use whatever works best for you.

The reason that you need to become mentally stable is because you could conflict with the other person in unintended ways. Firstly, if you are in an emotional state of mind, you might accidentally throw thoughts (and if you are also an empath, then possibly emotions as well) their way, which could give away your location to those who are also telepathic, or it could even confuse a person who is not telepathic. Secondly, if you are in an emotional state of mind, then it can be hard to tell the difference between the thoughts that you are trying to read, and your own thoughts.

After you have attained a stable state of mind, one smart thing to do is to find an item of focus. (Note: This is not an absolute requirement - but it does help.) If you already have one assigned, then good. If you do not, find one now. It can be anything from a coin to a pocket of condensed air, to even a glass of water. It may help if it is conductive, though it is really not entirely required.

What you do with the focus item, is read a person's thoughts through it. You connect the person to the item, and read the thoughts of the item instead of the person. If it is done right, you will find that the thoughts of the item are merely the thoughts of the person directed through the item, and to you. If the person finds that their thoughts are being read, what they will do first, is search for the person doing it. By this point, unless they are capable of the mindblank ability, you will know that they are coming for you. You will have long since stopped reading their mind, and would be going about your own business, and they will be wasting time searching for and attacking the item.

Whether you read their mind via a focus item or via direct mental contact, be sure to break the connection afterwards. To create the link, imagine a line between the two of you, or between them and the focus item. To break it, imagine a knife or a pair of scissors cutting the line. It is as simple as that, but is a very important step. Spellhawk spoke in his document about the possibility of a person that you connect to, and do not properly sever the connection with, attempting to search for you without knowing why at some point during their life.

Mindblank Ability

It is a very simple concept, and for those who are mentally balanced, simple to do as well. It is used to keep people from reading your mind. There are a few ways to do it.

One way is to imagine your mind as a vast field, or in whatever way you would imagine the inside of your mind. Then, imagine a thick fog setting into that surrounding, to the point where anyone trying to read your mind would be able to see nothing. You can clear an area of that fog, and allow them to see only what you want them to see.

Another way to do it is to simply stop thinking. It can be harder at times, though it feels natural after a while. Clear yourself of all emotions and thoughts, and you can mislead anyone reading your mind by thinking only what you want them to hear. You must, however, make sure not to think anything along the lines of 'what should I make them think now?' It is something that you can practice without anyone actually reading your mind, so it is a good idea to practice it. It can also be practiced without drawing any attention to yourself.

It is not an ability per se, so much as a skill, or something that you simply do.

Telekinesis (also under my The Force page)

This is a controlled form of the Force Push. It is not one-directional. You can use it to push, yes, but you can also use it to lift, and move things. It can be used for many of the same things as a force push, such as stopping a blade, though it has many more practical uses. Lazy? Get the remote with your mind! Hell, while you're at it, push the buttons with your mind, too!! The list goes on. And on. And on.

I would suggest going on Spellhawk's "How to be a Jedi" document, and once at that document, looking under "Psychokinesis" (A more general name for the Telekinesis) for a better explanation, as well as extra details. Though, I will still explain it.

  • Expand your mind so that you are aware of the object you are attempting to manipulate.
  • Feel "The Force" lifting it, or moving it according to how you want. Do not expect it to work imediately; it takes practice.
  • By this point, you can bend it to your will. Practice, practice, practice. But do not wear yourself out. It is possible to pass out from too much strain during any magic; especially physical magic. Though, a headache would probably make you stop before unconsciousness would get to you...

If not done with prior mastery, or at least knowledge as to how to use the force, it helps to use hand motions and/or words to do it. For example, you could wave your hand upwards and/or say 'up', for up, and wave your hand down and/or say 'down' for down.

After a while, what you are intending to do is get to where it feels natural. If you wish to hurry this process along, find the emotional signals which go with the directions. For example, imagine it lifting with the emotion of joy. The emotional signals can sometimes be difficult to place names behind, though you will find that they are very easy to bring about once you get used to it.

For a free floating field, try to feel a field of energy to lift things up.


The ability to generate a power field. 

Note: If you find this method difficult, say "esteo" to cause the effect more easily.

Second note: I've done this before, though it was taken from Spellhawk's description as to how to use it. He mentioned it in conversation, not on a page. In this example, he created an electricity storm, though there are other applications as well.

Hold two arms up into the air. Your arms and hands are the generators of the field - your hands collect energy to create the field, too. You focus your thoughts on electricity, and feel it form around you. Think of it like air and light can make it occur as it converts. Your arms are the focusers which the energy goes along to create the field.