I should start by saying that I do not advise that anybody should use necromancy. There are parts which are useful, and which I am very glad to know; however, dealing with actual necrotic energies is very likely to have some level of negative impact on the person using them, even if the person does not actually come into direct contact with said energies. My own dabbling came primarily out of my own curiosity to know, and to understand; I am by no means an expert, but I do have a firm grasp of the basics. Therefore, I will be explaining the basics-- I will not get into detailing advanced techniques, but I will still try to give advanced detail.

I am writing this because I strongly disagree with most of the information on necromancy that can be found on the internet. They state that the way to use such energies is to directly channel them through your OWN body, and to a target; I say, only do that if you're aiming to have an early death, and/or potentially serious health complications.
Ars Falcis (, while being the most reliable source I have found so far, has this exact flaw many times over.

It is my HONEST opinion that one should NOT tamper with necrotic energies until they are skilled enough in working with energy that they can manipulate it from a distance, and are able to keep it AWAY from contact with one's own energy.

Zombies: No. This will not work. On the astral plane, sure; but, not here.

Grave-digging: I'm sure there's nut-jobs out there that actually do this. But the truth is, you do NOT need a dead body to get death energy; each and every one of us has many, many cells dying in our bodies ALL of the time, and every one of us is dying right now -- albeit slowly. The ONLY thing you will gain by digging up a dead body is disease, and the legal penalty of grave desecration.

Resurrection: I have not seen this done. I have heard questionable stories about people who have done it, by guiding the spirit back to its body. Some sources warn that the end result is that 'a life is taken in order to save a life;' an exchange of sorts. Other sources say a direct human sacrifice is required. My own opinion is that the obsession with such an idea is probably one of the most dangerous obsessions one could possibly have. I would bet that one can not breathe life into dead flesh, unless the body is so freshly dead that the same effect could be attained using shock paddles (a defibrillator) on their chest.

Origins: Necromancy did not begin with 'death energies'. It did not begin with zombies, and it did not begin with raising the dead. It began with the idea of attempting to help spirits (either newly-dead, or "haunting"/tormented human spirits) find PEACE.



Personally, I prefer to limit my practices to calming and aiding the potentially disoriented spirits of those who have recently passed. I truly believe that this is one of the most respectful things that anyone could do for another person, ever. Resquiescat In Pace; Rest in peace.
Once a person has actually died, death is not scary, but it can be tremendously disorienting. I make a point of telling them that they are dead, and of telling them that it is okay, and telling them to move on.
If you do this and see them explode into a brilliant light, or float completely out of your range of perception, you have definitely done something correctly. These are the most common that I have experienced or heard about; you may perceive it differently, and for all I know, different people may go somewhere different, or use different means to get there. Nobody knows 100% for sure what awaits a spirit that has ‘Moved On’.

This is basically just telepathic communication with a spirit. I will not, however, get into the methods/mechanics of telepathy here. It works best if you can See them as well, but the ability to communicate is, by far, the most important component.
First and foremost, keep an even 'tone of voice' as you reach out to them. Do not let your own sadness for the person into your thoughts, even if you knew the person very well. Be as calm as you can, and assure them that even though they are dead, things will be okay. Depending on the condition of the person prior to passing, things may even be okay BECAUSE they are now dead, in which case the no-longer-suffering spirit may need no reassurance whatsoever. They may, however, still need somebody to tell them that they are in fact no longer alive.
Some people though, will cling to life until they can cling no more. If this is the case, there may be nothing you can do.

The single-most depressing thing that I have ever personally Seen was the spirit of a man who pleaded to be helped because he did not want to be dead, and because he did not feel that he had the power to Move On. Throughout his life, he was in very poor physical condition, though his life was lived with an effort to help those around him as much as he could. When he died, he did not feel that things in the lives of those around him had yet been resolved; therefore, he did not want to let go. Also, at the moment of his physical death, he felt powerless (it seems as though he suffocated by a blood clot to the lungs). These two factors combined into something terrible. In the end, I did see this man 'move on' in some way, but more than one day was spent where he was directionless, wandering in a frenzy, trying to find life again so that he could fix the problems of his life.
The single-most liberating thing I have ever Seen, on the other hand, was also a death. This man was very very sick for a very long time before he died, and he knew in advance that his time had come. I told him that he had died, and after this moment of recognition, and after my quick parting words, he Moved On in a spectacular explosion.

To this day, I still wonder whether or not that first example could have gone differently if I could have been more reassuring -- but, what has passed is in the past, and if one wishes to use necromancy whatsoever, one has to be able to let go of what once was. This is also because a person who is clinging to the memory of a man that once was alive, is not going to be effective in telling the same man that it is okay that they are dead.
The whole point is that you are trying to tell them that it is okay to let go. It is okay to leave their corporeal existence behind, that nobody will resent them for it, and that they should not feel as though they have left anything unresolved. While there are other causes for hauntings, the idea that some arise because a person was unable to let go is absolutely true. A spirit haunting a house is absolutely not a spirit at Peace.

Necrotizing Energies

Necrotizing energies, necrotic energies, death essence, death energy... They are all different names for the same idea. "Death Energy" is, however, a misleading term.
It is energy which is a by-product of, and which helps to speed, decay. The best example of this is to think about a pile of decomposing waste. As it decays, fungi and bacteria will be produced, and this fungi and bacteria will help to speed the decay process even further. But, which is the original cause? Does the bacteria cause the decay, or does the decay breed the bacteria? The answer is, "a bit of both".
The human body will decay over time, regardless of actual necrotic/necrotizing energies. Chemical reactions and time are just as lethal as, or maybe more lethal than, these energies. Oxidization, for example; because many chemical elements in the human body interact with air, and decay during this chemical reaction, some sort of "energy of decay" will be created. The same thing happens when a person drinks enough alcohol to kill off brain cells. While "death energy," per se, is not the culprit, it is created, and it will continue to do its job.


While the many, many, many applications for this are largely up to the user, it is truly the most necessary skill for using necromancy as an energy-based skill. If you can't see what you're doing, you should probably not be doing it. You're essentially handling a poison which helps promote decay, after all.
It can be very useful to be able to tell where necrotic energies are concentrated, both in people and in an environment in general.
Therefore, I will not include a tutorial, and instead, I will say that in the same way one might look for the element of water inside of a person, or might sense the air element in a person's lungs, or the same way an Astral magic user may look for some sort of energy parasite inside of a person's energy body, a Necromancer looks specifically for Necrotic energies within their target or their environment.
However, while the ability to sense necrotic energy on its own is useful, there is a sure way to get more mileage out of it. Don't just sense 'death' energy - sense 'life' energy too. Life energy, or life essence, is the opposite of necrotic energy. Instead of creating decay, it is an energy which promotes life and/or healing. It promotes the creation of new cells, for example. One could likely sense it by looking for 'the opposite of necrotic energy', if they so chose to do so, but I prefer to detect them both as distinct energies.
The end-goal for this is the ability to see both life and death essences as they are in the human body. On occasion, I have been able to pick an alcoholic, a smoker, a person with a stomach virus, or a (not yet visibly) pregnant woman out of a crowd.
A long-time alcoholic has a liver which has been saturated over time in necrotic energies. A smoker has tar in their lungs, which is bad for their health, and which causes some lung tissue to be inoperable. A person with a stomach virus (though it is not blindingly obvious whether it is a flu or food poisoning, for example) will have clearly malignant (necrotic) energies in their gut area.
A pregnant woman, on the other hand, has a concentration of life energy in her stomach. The creation of new cellular matter is being promoted all throughout the forming fetus. I would call this "Life essence". It can also be detected in smaller quantities all throughout the body of anybody, in much the same way as death energies. The spleen, for example, creates red blood cells. Any wound, for another example, is trying its hardest to heal itself.


So, let's say you want to harm a person, and you've only got two things to work with: time, and a sandwich. So you let one of the condiments - say, mayonnaise - sit out until it goes bad, and then feed the person the sandwich. Since the rotten material will end up in their digestive tract, they will probably end up sick to their stomach. While more predictable than death essences, this is not unlike how one might use them.
If you wanted to blind a person, you might attempt to precision-channel death essence into their eyes or optic nerves. However, you are only able to pick the location of the first domino in a chain of events. They may get cataracts, eye cancer, simply need glasses, or none of the above. For a stomach ailment, you would put said energies into their stomach, although the delivery method would not be a sandwich this time.
Personally, I would target the weak points. If you're good at sensing this kind of energy, you can tell where someone's weaknesses already lie -- which organs have previous damage, etc. Maybe they have a weak heart? Failing kidneys? Pickled liver? Or, as a less lethal alternative, maybe even prior signs of arthritis which you've decided to amplify.
The effectiveness of this depends on precision, skill, and practice.

Now, what if you wanted to HEAL a person instead? Well, think of an infected wound. Let's say it's infected enough that it has a yellowish pus on the surface. You do not simply allow that bacteria-filled pus to sit and perpetuate the infection. You would clean the wound, get rid of the pus and then add a disinfecting chemical of some sort, knowing that the newfound absence of infectious bacteria would hopefully help the wound heal itself more properly.
It’s pretty obvious that most people would use some sort of life essence in this process, especially during the disinfecting and final healing stages. But, this is an article about Necromancy.

This is a potentially symbolic example. Think of this pus as the energy of decay, which builds up if not tended to. Everybody has this building pus somewhere in their body. Especially a Necromancer, and especially a Necromancer who has taken this death energy into themselves for one reason or another.
Well, in much the same way as you would remove a splinter, when I see a buildup of necrotic energy, I pull it out. Take a mental hold of this energy, and direct it out of the body. I should note however, that when I do this - either for myself or for other people -, it is a sort of painful process, almost as though the body finds this “imbalance” (spontaneous total lack of necrotic energies) unnatural. This may also be because the harmful energy is pulled through healthy material on its way out. Once the energy has exited the body, something has to be done with this energy. Everything is prone to decay, so you have to be careful what you do with it. It will stick to anything. I usually try to ‘blow it out the window’ rather than place it in some object, because I’ve found that it leaves a nasty residue on anything it tries to stick to.

And, since I am by no means limited to Necromancy, I make a point of filling any gaps that I have created by extracting Death energy... with Life energy. I would truly caution anybody working with Necromancy to try and learn how to use not only Death essences, but Life essences as well. Life can’t hurt, can it? But Death can.

Taking that bacterial infection example literally however, bacteria is just as alive as you or I. A person with no fear of the side-effects of death energies could possibly kill off a bacterial infection within their own body by putting very precisely-aimed death energy into the bacterial pus, therefore killing it off. While I would not advise that you be so brave, it could definitely work.

Written by KelOren