Limit Break

The Art of the Adrenaline Rush - "Never go sane into a fight, but use Shen to limit break."

Essentially, the limit break is the art of the adrenaline rush. This is one of the more simple, yet also more helpful methods. It is attributed to "Shen" energy, which is rather unknown and mysterious in nature, though may be very similar to Aether (the energy of the mind).

In Spellhawk's document on the limit break, he cited one instance from The Underground of a child lifting a car off of their father after a car crash, because he did not see any other option, and was afraid that his father was going to die. If you have never gotten into a serious fight, or at least gotten seriously into a sport, then you likely know what a limit break is, as well as what it feels like. It is the surge of energy, which makes you feel as if you can do practically anything, which is the limit break.

While under the influence of an adrenaline rush, you will not feel much of the damage which is done to your body.

There are, of course, dangers behind this method. There is the possibility of using too much of your power at one time, and causing self-damage by either being unable to control your own energy, or by shorting yourself out like a fuse, temporarily. You could also cause great harm to yourself by allowing wounds inflicted on you to go untreated due to the fact that you do not feel them (including muscle strain from over-exertion - this power is not only for energy). On the up side, your power is generally at least doubled during a limit break, and you feel as if you have access to energy you never knew you had.

In order to do the controlled limit break, first, you must set your mind to a single goal. Whether it is "protect this person by harming that person" or simply "defeat that person," you must get your mind set on a single goal only. This is not absolutely required, but if you are not able to find the will to do that much, you should seriously ask yourself whether or not you actually need the limit break under those circumstances. This is not a technique that should be abused, so consider carefully.

To actually activate the limit break, you start by feeling the energy in your body. You then cause it to become more and more excited. You do not control the energy, however, but move with it. Allow it to direct you, with your conscious mind making the decisions. Make sure not to allow it to control you, or else it will become an uncontrolled limit break (which involves blacking out and possibly killing your target without any recollection of it at all, or injuring a friend in the midst of a blackout). After a few practices with it, you will find that you will end up with energy from unknown sources, that you can direct to your will as you would with normal energy. The only real difference is that, in your excited, adrenaline-rushed state, you can should be able to put the energy behind a punch, and be able to cause it to be much stronger than normal.

"One does not need anger in the face of threat just the do force to use Shen. I beat a rapist down feeling no anger where I just summoned shen and succeeded by feeling the threat of the rapist while moving to the flow of shen. When faced with situation there is two ways always: be a bit crazed and win the fight or calmly focus the do force to control shen. I consider myself a aether manipulator tho so it comes easy and here's a thought; never go sane into a fight but use shen to limit break."