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I would like to clarify that most of the Magic that I do is on the Astral realm, also known as the 6th dimension. We are on the 3rd dimension, not the 6th. In fact, most of the Magic that ANYONE does tends to be on the 6th dimension.

If you do not know, there is a relation between us being on the 3rd dimension, and us seeing in 3D. Shadow beings are 2D images, both to us and to them. They exist on the 2nd dimension. They manipulate and see things in 2D, in 2 directions: Backwards/forwards, and left/right. We see in 3D, and can move/manipulate things in 3 directions: Backwards/forwards, left/right, and up/down. As the number increases, a new direction/sense/etc is added. In order: Atoms, Shadows, 3D movement, Time, Teleportation, Dreams (and much, much more).

The info on the 12th dimension was given by me. The info for the 13th was by both me and Spellhawk, though mainly Spellhawk. The info for the 14th was given by Spellhawk, and it is suggested that you go there if you are curious for more information.

Dimensions 1 through 11 have significance, and add new senses as they increase in number. Dimensions 12 and up seem as of yet to simply be new places. Therefore, 12 and up are potentially subject to change.

Before doing dangerous things, make sure to read Spellhawk's Dimensions page. He has descriptions of how to get rid of Phantasms on the Astral realm, how to deal with Daemons on the 7th, etc. If you are not good enough with battle magic yet to defeat such beings, read his page for details. 

Also: The higher the dimension number, the higher the possible danger level, because of the higher ability levels of the beings there.

The Dimensions

Keep in mind that I have made this site for the sake of simplicity. I am not going to list all of the dimensions, merely those most important to what I teach, nor am I going to include every detail of Spellhawk's dimensions document. There are many more dimensions than those I am listing - the 56th is the highest that I have heard of. If you wish to read about more of them, go to Spellhawk's Dimensional Physics page. His lists dimensions 1 through 15, including a few sub-dimensions (for example, dimension 3.5 - not dimension 3, not dimension 4, but a halfway point - a sub-dimension). It is one of the more interesting reads on his page, in my opinion. 

  • Dimension #1: The dimension of the Atomic Humans. They are the atoms themselves. Not much more to be said, to my knowledge, aside from the fact that it is possible to talk to them.
  • Dimension #2: The dimension of Shadows. Shades live here. They see only in black and white, when it comes to sight, touch, and feeling. They are capable of draining on touch in a wraith-like fashion. They live inside of (or outside of) objects, drain the light energy upon contact, thus casting a shadow. They can also use people as an existence.
  • Dimension #3: Us! Humans and Subhumans, as well as animals. We cannot see above the 4th dimension with our physical eyes. Our third eyes are what see above and beyond.
  • Dimension #4: The dimension of Time. Also, of Fey. Faeries/Fairies. The short way to explain them is that they are energy humans, because of the energy that they absorbed when they were driven underground by environmental factors.
  • Dimension #5: The dimension of Instantaneous Movement. Essentially, the dimension of teleportation. Beings from both higher and lower dimensions use this dimension as a method of travel (normally from higher dimensions, though space is foldable via this dimension). Also, Spells work through this dimension. It is an unseen dimension, made up of subatomical particles that gather as heat. Genies and Djinni are the beings that live here, and are friendly to other beings.
  • Dimension #6: The Astral Realm. A dreamscape. This is the primary realm of magic. During astral projection, this is the realm which you are on, and while making energy balls and such, this is normally the dimension which those things normally take place on. Anything can be done here with the correct level of ability and a good enough imagination. Energy beings, such as ghosts, spirits, souls waiting to be reborn, etc., live here.
  • Dimension #7: The dimension of the Elementals. Demons (fallen Demihumans), Angels (elevated Christian mages), and elementals (fire, air, earth, water, ice, void) live here. Mages summon Elementals from this dimension rather often. Manipulation often happens through this dimension. Each Elemental or group of Elementals has their own sealed off world within this dimension, which only they and those that they permit entry can enter.
  • Dimension #8: The dimension of the Immortals. Energy beings, such as Dragons, Elves, Demi-humans, and Demi-Gods live here. They are their own source, and have a very large amount of energy. To put their energy level in scale, if a normal human with a normal aura were to turn into a Dragon, their aura would be able to make contact with a cloud directly overhead. With that much energy, it is easy to see how they are able to be their own energy source - though, it can be hard to imagine their level of power. Even a demigod would have trouble fighting a Dragon to a standstill, let alone to the death.
  • Dimension #9: Superstring Dimension. The space of black holes, spacial distortion, and dimensional crossings. The beings who exist here exist on an unseen subdimension when they are only felt, and when they are seen, exist on a lower, visible dimension. They are able to do anything. Spellhawk used "Q" from Star Trek as an example, though some people may not understand that reference. Q is a being who is able to do, quite literally, anything at a thought. They are 'true good' individuals, meaning that they will use conniving techniques, as long as they eventually end at a resolution that they consider good.
    • The conscious who built the universes lives primarily on this dimension. His name is "Ben" - no relation. I think. when he built them, such an extensive use of his abilities caused his body to dissolve into energy. He is merely a conscious now. To talk to him, you must talk to everything at once, or focus at him while talking to get him to listen.
  • Dimension #10: The dimension of the Mind. It can only be interacted with by the minds of Humans and Demihumans. It is also called names such as Heaven, Nirvana, and others. Minds sent there become Gods in a sense. No Humans can perceive them unless they wish it to be so. Some Gods are the same God under a different name (Example: Jewish God 'Yaweh', is the same as Christian God 'God', who is the same as the Muslim God 'Muhammed'. Same basic concept.)
    • Read Spellhawk's description of the 10th dimension if you are interested in how Gods are made.
  • Dimension #11: The core of reality. The description required is so long that I have created a page exclusively for it.
  • Dimension #12: The dimension of "El'zippolo." 12th dimensional pets use thier lifeforce to produce life. After compressing it and forming it it is freed then let go of to live on its own.
    • I have been there only once or twice. I did not spend much time there. While I was there, I was using particle sight, and I noticed that the area was hugely dense with energy. I do not know if the entire dimension was like that or if it was just the area I was in. Different locations may be different and/or more friendly, but where I ended up, I was too busy dodging attacks to sightsee. The first beings that I saw upon shifting myself there were odd, umbrella-looking things (I call them 'Spinners'). They span rapidly, causing them to hover according to how quickly they span and how they shifted their weight. They travel in packs, and they place energy spikes on top of the top of their umbrella-like top, and release them mid-spin with accuracy to hit the designated target. When I did learn to time their attacks well enough to shift my attention to other things and move around somewhat, I first noticed that the landscape was rather odd. There was a large mountain, covered in grass, even beyond what is the height limit above sea level of where plant life can grow on this dimension, and off to the side of it, there was a medium-sized floating patch of land. There were a few of these scattered patches of floating land, though the first that I saw was the largest. I also saw a creature which looked somewhat like a dinosaur. It seemed to be a nonviolent animal, or it was attempting to not draw attention from the Spinners. It is possible that they were not trying to attack me, but simply guard an area. The first building that I saw resembled a shrine, though I do not know what it was for. It resembled a well-decorated Buddhist temple on the inside, though it did not look like much from the outside. It looked like a cement hut with a cement wall around it. Once I entered the building, the Spinners did not follow me. I would have stayed longer, but I felt an ominous presence deeper inside of the building, and the Spinners were just outside. I came back to the 3rd after that.
  • Dimension #13: The dimension of children's nightmares. The way to get there is 'just to do it'. The beings there will attempt to subdue humans on sight. They are pure emotion. They have two moods: Mutable (Happy) and Merciless (Unhappy). When Merciless, running is the best option. They have highly advanced technology, which even effects this realm. In fact, our dimension and theirs can communicate through our technology. Though, their technology is of way higher bandwidth, so it can cause disruption to ours. After too long of exposure, it is possible to see burnouts. Any act is a small to great terror there. It is not noticeable, but it is seen as some other inadvertent action here, and so far there, unless you are there.
    • These beings are experts in breaking down human will. They are not exactly the most powerful beings ever - I don't have to try at all in order to defeat them, in fact - but they have had so much practice on our children, that they are able to break down the will of a rather powerful Human in under an hour, as well as keep them practically sedated to the point of falling asleep. When dealing with these beings, keep in mind that they are beings of nightmares, and do not allow their mindgames to get to you. If you do not know that they are the cause, it will feel as if you are justifiably depressed. They will find an at least semi-valid reason for depression. If you do know, on the other hand, that it is them, then you should have no troubles getting rid of them. Of course, most of the time, the depression may be natural - Just, that's how they attack, which does not mean that every bout of depression is caused by them.
  • Dimension #14: The dimension of surreal land. It is peaceful, and is likely to give you things you think about. The beings there are non-assaultive, if you act unaware of attacking efforts. They get along, but they do not act out. They think ill-concieved, so most of the time, all that they do is sit there. They are polite, but unanswering, and 'weird'. They are peaceful, and war does not happen there. They acquire things through selfless acts, and trades are for items or actions. They use their word that they will do things, as objects of trade. They have crystal-like or light technology. Shift there yourself for more info.
  • Dimension #15: The Hyper-Plane. The beings here move at 50+ times the speed of normal Humans. It is one large, vast expanse of gray, flat land. The beings there can go from 0 to 100 mph without even a need for acceleration. Keep in mind before going there, that if you hear the voice of hyperspace, you may go mad. I blocked it out by refusing to hear it, and was okay. If you cannot block things out on other dimensions by refusing to hear them, then do not go to the 15th dimension. What I saw while I was there was that one being was moving at breakneck speed for all of one half of a second, before it stopped a few meters in front of me, looked me in the eyes, and tried to speak to me. It thought I was ignoring it, because I was blocking out sound, and it attacked me immediately. They operate on on-the-spot impulses.