Dimensional Travel

How to go from one Dimension to the next. 

There are many ways to travel between dimensions.



Imagine a door which leads either to another dimension or another location, depending where you are trying to go. It can either be hanging in an imaginary doorway, or it could be a real door in a real doorway. The important part is that you synchronize your movement and your imagination. You begin by turning the knob with both a movement of your physical hand and of the hand imagined in your mind. You open the door, and you walk through it. Imagine the area intended on the other side. And, always be sure to close the door once you have reached the other side, either by thinking 'close gate' or by imagining yourself closing the door. To anyone watching, it will look as if you simply disappeared.

  • If the door is hard to open, it means that the destination is far away.
  • If the door will not open, it means that there is danger on the other side.
  • If the handle is warm, it means that there is danger, but that the danger is not as bad as if it will not open at all.
  • If the handle is warm even to your mind, it means that there is something damaging nearby.


Note: These types of gates can be of any two elements that are harmonious to you, but not to each other. For example: Air and Fire. "air is the tunnel and fire is the gate itself semi-synchronously circling each other. With fire and water, the water is disipated and forms the medium you go through, or the fire is the opener and water is what you seem to walk through."

This next one is the more dramatic form of gating, though there are generally less precautions taken, so be careful. It involves, essentially, a wormhole. For a fire gate, you imagine a tunnel of fire which will send you from point A to point B. Though, if you looked at it from the side, it would appear flat - it is sort of like an optical illusion. When staring into the mouth of it, there are different ways that you see it, depending on both how you do it, and where you are going.

Sometimes, when I do it, I see a ring of fire (or whatever element I use - gates can be of any element, Fire gates, Voidal gates, etc) around a live image of the area I intend on going to. When I pass through the gate, I step to the other side with no pause or wait.

Other times, I see a tunnel of fire (or any other element I use. Fire just happens to be my best element in general) which is travelling away from me. When I go into it, I see myself traveling at breakneck speeds through twists and turns according to where the gate takes me. However, despite the fire at the edges, I do not get burnt, and I do not run into the walls. Also, despite my speed, when I come out on the other side, I do not fall and harm myself. The trip is rather smooth. I suppose it is comparable to a 'magic carpet ride'.

Simple Frequency Change

My normal way of doing it is the way that I find to be the simplest.

I heard a very good explanation once, as to how the dimensions work. This Universe is all one place, and the dimensions merely vibrate at different frequencies, while taking up the same space. An easy thing to compare that to, is radio stations. For example, 88.7 FM is at a different frequency than 101.1 FM.
It is the same with the dimensions. The 3rd dimension vibrates at a different frequency than the 6th dimension.

What I do is simply will myself to change frequency. I honestly cannot explain how I do this; If you cannot figure out the actual method for yourself, you cannot do it. I simply tell myself which dimension I want to go to, output energy to take over and do the act for me, and then I am there.

It can also be combined with teleportation, to take you not only to a different dimension, but to a specific part of the dimension as well. This can be done by imagining the area that you want to arrive on the dimension at the same time that you shift to the dimension.

When using this technique, the energy you release forms the idea of the area before you get there, so you can block a person from going by denying the energy pattern that was set by the traveler. (The area exists already but only by closely mirroring it will there be a link way to there.)

Extra info:

Note: This relates to Gating because the Crystals are one thing which aid the act of gating, whether you intend to use them or not.

"People usually know when they're going to get to a place by the things thier energy, along with the energy of others, had done. The effect of gating is  the headline. You form things into niceness to link to that area to niceness. If its semiclean, then your area is semiclean, exponentiated by the crystal. Then imagine a door. With the door you can see the other place or if you walk through then you will find a different place.

The crystal harmony of the Atleantean crystals in the ocean open or allow the way to occur. The bermuda triangle is a place of damaged Atlantean crystals. For proof, just look at how the ships shift ("disappear"). There are hundreds of crystals in the ocean. Some are buried underground.

When the Atlanteans left, they left a widescaled experiment, lasting several millenia. I put my house over a crystal - There were already some crystals planted by the ogers. Some smaller crystals are easily linked to the larger ones. The difference in size to the larger ones from the smaller, is that the larger ones are 3 feet to 6 feet tall, where the smaller ones are 1 inch to 4 inches tall. Spreading the larger ones influence." ~Spellhawk