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This site is a simplified version of Spellhawk's Documents, though my own will be included as well.

Choose Your Element Wisely 


"Wearing someone else's underwear doesn't feel natural, so why should it feel natural to use someone else's techniques? Feel free to modify mine to find your own ways!" ~

When using magic, do not force things to happen.

Go with the flow. Magic is a living part of Nature.

It responds to your thoughts and your feelings.

For example, try - instead of FORCING energy into a ball - simply focusing on a single location and telling energy to swarm there.

For another example, to banish ghosts, I might just look at them and think or say 'expulse' and see them flying out of the house or something similar.

Taoist Ideology Document (Found HERE)

I was reluctant to put this so far up, since the important stuff is now below this, but this one is, to me, one of the more important documents. I'm a, uh, magic-practicing Taoist. So yeah.

List to Start With

In order, the documents that I suggest you read if you are new to this site are:
Elemental Warning, Raw Magic, Dimensions, Attunation, The Force (alternatively to The Force, or after it, would be Psionic Forces), Trap Magic, Limit Break.

From there, you can read the pages in any order that you wish. If you already know the information given, feel free to skip any of them. But a refresher may help nonetheless.

Why I made This Page 

I know first-hand that Spellhawk's writing style can sometimes be hard to read when you first start reading his stuff. Trust me, I do. I used to ask him to clarify things at least 10 times a day in basic conversation, and I still do occasionally today even, years later. But don't get me wrong, not only is he a genius, but his docs are one of the primary reasons that I have gotten anywhere near as far as I have.

I wrote this both to help clarify the things he says, and to provide my own ideas as well.

Do I ever plan on making as many documents as he has made/will make? Absolutely not. I just wanted to give my own ideas, my own twists on his ideas, and help a few people who find his writing style confusing.

Important Note for Magic-Newbies

Before I continue, I would like to say, don't feel bad about the above header. We were all newbies at some point. But, moving on to the important stuff... 

If you think that Magic is not for you, you may be right. I will not sugarcoat things, though I do not mean to scare. There are ghosts which may assault you if they see that you have power, just because they can. There are not many, and a surprisingly large number of them will leave you be, though I have come in contact many times with those that do take action. Some are even fellow humans, with a physical body, which will make it so that you are NOT able to deal with them nearly as easily as you would a spiritual being. But it's not quite as bad as I make it out to sound - it's very hard to get so deeply involved in Magic that you will draw much dangerous attention.

Now that I have covered the warnings, I will cover the misconceptions.

Physical magic is very hard to do, if you follow the common conceptions. That is not to say, at all, that it is impossible. It merely takes a skilled user. At times, though, even an unskilled user can affect the physical realm - even unintentionally. There are two kinds of Physical magic. Indirect magic (Example: You use Magic to try and make some effect happen non-astrally, like making someone get along better with someone else, and though it takes time, it eventually happens), and Direct magic (Elemental magic. Example: Creating a Physical fireball to immediately scorch some target).

As far as I have seen, Wiccan magic is sort indirect form. You use a spell, and generally (not true with all spells that wiccans use) lay out a plan for what you want to happen. Your own force is not exerted directly onto a target, but instead you instruct an energy that takes on a life of its own, what you want it to do.

 Keep in mind when attempting magic of any type, that the sky is the limit. Anything is possible. 

Belief is the root of all Magic. If you believe, you can do it.