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Sanderson Ford is a going concern in Glendale, Ariz. Before the mid-1980s, it was known as Don Sanderson Ford. This plate holder is $10 U.S. plus shipping from Canada.

Brooks Cadillac was a venerable dealership on North Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale, Ariz. Now it's Desert Cadillac, part of the Earnhardt empire. If your big-finned Fleetwood or sweet Seville came from Brooks, you'll want this original-condition plate surround. $10 plus shipping.

Remember Ultra Wheels in-line skates? Us neither. But apparently they were a decent brand back in the day, better than the low-end skates and way less costly than the high-end models. This Ultra Wheels promotional banner is made of thick vinyl and it's BIG -- four feet by eight feet. Nice colours, too. It would look fine in an auto- or boarding-related shop, or a bar, or on the wall of your garage or man cave. $30 plus shipping from Canada. inline skates, rollerblades

If ping-pong is your passion, you'll want this vintage Napoleon portable net that turns any table into a platform for table tennis. Great shape, and comes in original box. We'll throw in the two paddles. We'd tell you these items were used by Forrest Gump, except we know you know he's a fictional character. They may. however, have been used by Tom Hanks. $15 plus you-know-what.

This could be the rare, four-slice model of the automatic Sunbeam toaster. Or it could be a pair of these radiant-control beauties, one working, one just looking fine. Yes, shipping won't be cheap, but when you see what others are asking for automatic Sunbeams on places like eBay, you may conclude that these are chrome-plated bargains. See them on the Ottawa Classified page.

Round-bottomed bottle, from the period when gravity was much stronger than it is today, and things didn't need to be flat on the bottom to stay up. (There's a counter theory that it was to keep the cork wet, but we like ours better.) What's it worth? You tell me. Plus shipping.

If you're a really old bottle collector, or even an in-your-prime bottle collector, either of these fine examples could have your name on it. Especially if your name is Whitemore or Garcling Oil. Yeah OK, we'll stop, soon as you make an offer.

Green flask may not be very old, but is rather nifty. How's $5 sound?

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