Vulcan Lyre


 The Vulcan Lyre, my ultimate testiment to nerdyness. The device one uses when you need to rock out with your Spock out. I must express my gratitude to Michelle my wonderful girlfriend for her help with this project. That she works in a wood shop and knows her way around it has been extremely helpful.


Here is a recording of my lyre: v-lyre-1.mp3 


Update: It's finally done!!!



The zither pins are all set. I'm getting REALLY excited.

Wow, it's really starting to look like something Spock would play. 

This is my "high tech" system  of figuring out bridge location and string placement. I haven't measured anything else up to this point, why start now?

Is it art? Or some sort of trap for people trying to go through my hallway? No it's the ghetto system I devised to dry the body after staining it. 

Front and back panels drying after staining.

Here is the body after final cutting. The inside edges are ugly but you won't see them with the front and back on it.

Plywood, it's cheap, tough, and doesn't sound as bad as you might think. I being one poor dude it will work for me.

The sound board is just sitting on the body to give an impression of how it will look here.

All hail the power of wood putty. While my edges aren't great they look way better puttied up than with jagged plywood layers.