About Me


Hi, my name is Jason, and I'm am artist. That doesn't mean I get payed to do art, though I have, I just am. The medium isn't important, the mind set is. I love to learn new things and attempt to express ideas and emotions. I also happen to be a big geek. I love computers, roleplaying, scifi books, as well as actually scientific study. Most importantly though, I am a romantic. A dreamer. And I hope I continue to be one.

I started this site because I've invested so much time learning and building things that I thought it'd be nice to share them with the world. I don't have any over arching plan for my studies. I have no musical or historical training what so ever.  I just seem unable to stop learning and expanding my skills. Most of the stuff I study will never do me any good, but it makes me happy and my friends put up with my crazy shit so I guess that's alright.