Second Wind

                 Second Wind                           
                        The running coach you never had but always needed

About the book

The running coach you never had but always needed.  Finally, a reference book that provides step by step technical instruction on every aspect of running, from novice to marathoners!

Running is the one sport that, for the most part, doesn’t have coaches.  In baseball you have half a dozen instructors, computer tutorials, and videos of yourself for review just to teach you how to correctly swing a bat. Where are your hands, shoulders, and hips?  Is your stance too open or too closed, too high or too low, are you moving all your parts in the right sequence?  But in running, which is extremely technical, people are often told, “go run” with no instruction whatsoever.

When it comes to running, we have all been lead to believe that we should just be able to take off and run with perfect form with no training or instruction of any kind.  Even though running is completely natural and deeply ingrained throughout all of human existence, running is also very technical.  As such, your success in running, like any athletic function, is dependent on proper form.  

Running is all about efficiency.  Any extraneous motion is wasted energy, robbing you of the endurance you need to complete your goal to the best of your ability.  As such, it takes instruction, it takes practice, and, as with any sport, there are some things that don’t make “natural” sense until your body learns the mechanics and makes them second nature.  

In beginning, to run efficiently there are a few basic but important things to remember.  Bear in mind that running in certain shoes has taught (or in many cases forced) many of us to run incorrectly; in a manner that wouldn’t even be possible if we were running without shoes (i.e. the dreaded heel strike).

Buckle up, throw out all your preconceived notions, and get ready to find your second wind!

About the author

Levi Dodd is a husband of almost 10 years, a father of a beautiful 3 year old little girl, and a Christian man who tries to see God’s very existence in everything around him.  Levi is an avid soccer player, runner, running coach, and high school soccer coach.

14 years ago Levi suffered his first major knee injury that resulted in surgery.  Since that time, Levi has undergone multiple surgeries to try to correct, fix, align, replace, clean, and stabilize his knees to be able to run, but he seemed to only get worse.

In this book you will see Levi's struggle and how he has finally overcome them all to run injury free with no pain!