SL Nude Mod

Spice up your Second Life



SL Nude Mod is an addon for Second Life that hides clothing layers on avatars. The changes are only visible to the person running the modification and do not have any permanent affect on appearances. This is accomplished by running a special proxy on your computer that modifies information coming from Second Life, so your client thinks they are not wearing any clothing textures.


  • Due to the way appearances are handled in the viewer, avatars will appear gray most of the time. However if the skin layers have finished downloading and you zoom up close on an avatar they will appear nude on your screen. There are a few special cases that are currently not handled but are being worked on. A notable one is that skirts are not removed in this version (watch for it in a future update).
  • Second Life will have more lag and be noticeably slower than without the addon running. The nude mod does intensive pre-processing on incoming data and adds another connection point to data going back and forth. While it is a fun gag, it's not recommended to run with the addon all the time.


You will need the .NET 2.0 framework installed for this addon to work. If you are running Windows Vista it is already installed, otherwise 32-bit users can download it here (most people, if you aren't sure this is you), otherwise is you are using a 64-bit version of Windows you can download here.

Currently the only supported platform is Microsoft Windows. The software was written with cross-platform functionality in mind, so if you are a Linux or OSX user that wants to run the software contact me and I will try to put together instructions. Upon purchase you will be provided with a temporary download link. Please save this file after purchasing as the link will expire after a few days and you will not be able to download it. If you lost your copy of the program or didn't get notification of an upgrade please contact me at

Once the installer is downloaded, run it and step through each screen. You will need the official Second Life client installed since this is an addon, if the installer cannot find Second Life it will not complete. After the installer is finished you should have a new program in your Start Menu called "SL Nude Mod". Make sure Second Life is closed, and run this program which will launch both the addon and Second Life for you. The addon appears as a black console window which will print out a lot of debugging information, it's safe to ignore all of the information it prints out. Once you are logged in, fly around and check out other avatars. Things will be slower than running the client normally as the nude mod has to do fairly intensive processing, but you should see avatars appearing in their birthday suits! Do not close the addon until after you are logged out of Second Life, or you will lose your connection to the grid.


SL Nude Mod is available for purchase from its product page on SLExchange or in-world directly at Kyung (41,188,81). If you are interested in licensing or purchasing the source code please contact me at


While you do have the right to modify any incoming data to your computer, it may not be within the Terms of Service of Second Life to take pictures of nude avatars and post them, or abuse this addon in any way. As always you are responsible for your own actions both in-world and out; use common sense.