The Second Tonne Club

20 Tonnes CO2 offset ... dedicated to paying to offset the rest of our Green House Gas emissions, after understanding how those payments achieve their purpose.

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We are a not-for-profit, non-partisan association of individuals who wish to take informed and effective action to help reverse global warming. 


 We will carefully study and monitor, for ourselves, Green House Gas (GHG) emission offset products. The results of our research will be made public. We will each contribute to choosing and paying for regular group purchases to offset our GHG emissions that would be difficult to eliminate by lifestyle changes, and are not covered by other programs.


Our purchases of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions offsets will contribute to “doing our part” to reverse global warming. The idea is to go beyond the Government of Canada's “One-Tonne Challenge” (which involved increasing energy efficiency and reducing unnecessary consumption) by offsetting at least a second tonne per person per year of CO2 emissions. Moreover, by carefully studying and monitoring GHG emission offset products, and setting high standards for the club (for example, that our money is used as efficiently as possible), we hope to leverage our modest purchases in two ways. First, we hope to create a nucleus of informed citizens that will be needed to support the establishment of honest and effective GHG emissions markets. We will do so by keeping track of where our money goes, until it reaches the emitter, and how many tonnes of GHG emissions are really reduced We will encourage all members to participate in asking questions and answering them, and making our results publicly available.  Secondly, we hope that our purchases, research, and high standards will contribute a small amount of moral leadership. Global warming is a “tragedy of the commons” problem whose solution will likely include motivation in the form of a moral imperative. We believe that a group which lacks  size and power is at no disadvantage in providing moral leadership.


Part of our philosophy, from our Background Material:  "...The club must be open to the possibility that we might someday decide that retail purchases of emissions offsets is an unsatisfactory or maybe obsolete approach."

 22 Members :

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J.M. (Toronto, ON)

L.S., E.B., A. and K. (Kingston, ON)

Ted Hsu, Tara Sharkey, and E. (Kingston, ON)
Mark Yung and S.T. (Woodbridge, ON)

D.Y. (Toronto, ON)

L.H. and R.S. (Bedford, MA)

Steve Rice and Fonsa  Cheung  (Fremont, CA)

Jeff Stroud, Isabella Lovello, Ryan Vincent Worm  (Toronto, ON)

Shin-Fang (Ted) Ho (Mississauga, ON, in memoriam)

B.H. (Toronto, ON)

Brad Marston, M. and A. (Providence, RI)

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