Second hand animals make first class pets!

 Pawsitively Good News

        Nearly half of the SCP dogs in foster care are puppies. 

            We could use puppy food donations. 

Puppy Chow and Pedigree Puppy are preferred brands, as it can irritate a puppy's tummy when changes are made to their diet. 

However, any donations will be gratefully accepted. 

               We can also be contacted by email secondchancepaws@yahoo.com or our Facebook page.

If you can help, we will pick up from you or you can bring to any of our adoption events.

Second Chance Paws is looking to add fosters and volunteers to our group.

                If you are interested in fostering 

please email filled out foster application to secondchancepaws@yahoo.com 

                and /or send email to inquire about membership information. 

You are welcome to attend any of our events, it is not necessary to become a member to help us save animals in our community.