Second Life Liberation Army 

The only response to injustice is to fight! 

The Second Life Liberation Army (SLLA) was formed as the 'in-world' military wing of a national liberation movement within Second Life. The movement contends that political rights should be established within Second Life immediately. As Linden Labs is functioning as an authoritarian government the only appropriate response is to fight.

The SLLA will conduct a political and military campaign to ensure its demands are met and avatar rights are established.

The SLLA's demands are simple:

The establishment of basic political 'rights' for avatars within Second Life


The SLLA will not seek to harm the normal operation of the world.


If you would like to help the SLLA or find out more about our organization use to contact us.

Or IM Marshal Cahill within Second Life.

If wish to keep up with latest SLLA developments and actions please go to our Blogsite:

Other Important Links:

SLURL takes you directly to SLLA HQ

Freedom for Second Life!

The Fight Continues