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A study of the "education in 3-D virtual worlds" blogging community 



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Restate the problem in Chapter 1

What are educators talking about regarding education in 3-D virtual worlds?  Who are these educators?  What are their backgrounds?


What are 3-D virtual worlds? 


What are the different types of 3-D virtual worlds that are being used for educational purposes?  What are the characteristics and affordances of 3-D virtual worlds? 


History of 3-D virtual worlds


How did 3-D virtual worlds come into being?


Current Use of 3-D Virtual Worlds 


What organizations, communities, and cultures are in 3-D virtual worlds?  How are they using 3-D virtual worlds? 


Why is it important in education?


How is this being used for education?  Is this part of the new Web 2.0? How are companies and colleges using these worlds for recruitment purposes?