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A study of the "education in 3-D virtual worlds" blogging community



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Perhaps qualitative and quantitative (mixed method)?




An ethnography of the blogging community of educators who participate in teaching and professional development in virtual worlds.

- "How/Why do they choose to participate in such an environment?  Do they find it useful?"

Content Analysis of blogs whose focus is on education in 3-D virtual worlds.  Interviews, possibly focus groups or open ended surveys?

Are educators finding 3-D virtual environments useful?

(Positive vs. negative comments on blogs)


Journal articles=research


Educators in 3-D virtual environments forming learning communities through blogging.  Why?  How?


1. What are the main trends/themes educators are discussing online in regards to 3-D virtual environments?  Are there any differences between the corporate 3-D virtual worlds education blogs (e.g. Cisco, Discovery Educator's Network) and independent  educators' blogs in regards to the trends/themes discussed?


2. What are the public demographics (race, gender, education, location, etc...) of the educators (audience and content creators) participating in this type of blogging community?