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Theories on blogging and 3-D virtual worlds


A list of website expounding on theories on composition and virtual learning communities..

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Events and conferences in Second Life and other 3-D virtual worlds involving education.



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Helpful websites focusing on education and 3-D virtual worlds in general.


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Interesting Articles




Accessiblity in SL - SLNN 


Autism in SL - New World Notes 


Disability and Second Life - Eureaka Street 


Heron Sanctuary in Second Life (Disabilities) - Dancing Ink Productions 






Recreation of Boston - Weekly Dig






Business and Virtual Worlds - Information Week 


Business Conferences in SL - SLNN 


Business Relations (Spanish/Vietnamese) - New World Notes 


Business Schools and Tech - 


Companies Use Virtual Worlds for Collaboration - 

Making Money in Virtual Worlds -  Stanford Magazine 


Marketing in SL - New World Notes

Michaganers Meet, Study, and make money in SL -

Recruiters Find Success in SL - SLNN 


Recruiting Technologies - Wall Street Journal

Tech Company Sites in SL - New World Notes





Classical Music in SL - SLNN 


Non-profit performance - SLNN






Courses About Teaching in SL - SLNN 


Education Grid Anncouncement - SLNN


Field Trip in SL - LJ World


 Gamer Uses Virtual Training to Save Lives - Yahoo!

Global Kids Open International Justice Center - Prime News Wire


Memorial University Prof teaches class in SL - The Muse 

NMC Announces Plans for sim in SL 2008 - SLNN

Pre-fab Educational Buildings - Second Life Herald

SAT Strategy Sessions - New World Notes

Standford's Metaverse U - New World Notes 


TCC, SL, and There - SLNN

Universities Teach Complex Concepts in SL - Government Technology 


University of Sussex in SL - SLED blog 


USC's Information Technology Program Joins SL - Daily Trojan

Virtual Classroom - 


Virtual Worlds, Teens, and Education -



World Water Day in SL - Los Angeles Times




      US-Islamic Relations in SL - New World Notes


Video on the Making of SL - 


Virtual Government Simulations - Government 


WOW and government - 

Second Life itself


Demise of SL? - 


James Wagner Au Interview on his book - The Industry Standard

Second Life - Eventual real life? - 


Second Skin Documentary -

Wagner James Au interview - Los Angeles Times





Future of Marriage - 


Identity and Second Life - New World Notes 


Is This Man Cheating on His Wife? - WSJ

Friending Ancient or Otherwise - New York Times


Online Gamers Switch Gender - The Guardian 

Real Life Fears Faced in an Online World - CBS News 


Recovery Using Virtual Worlds - Washington Post 


Avatar Appearance and Relationships - New World Notes 





Immersive Hosptial Sims - New World Notes


Medical Training in Second Life - 


 MD to fight stress in SL - The Boston Globe 

Protein Molecule in SL from IBM - New World Notes 











Kevin Feenan - Doctoral student who is doing his dissertation in SL




Kevin Jarrett - Part time instructor at Walden University who is currently studying educational implications for SL 


Paul Levinson is the Professor and Department Chair of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University, New York City.  He is also a science fiction writer who conducts interviews and live readings of his books within Second Life.



 Cory Ondrejka, the former chief technology officer of Linden Lab, who worked "as a visiting professor at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California, where he will be teaching graduate students about online communities. He said he also will be 'consulting, writing, and speaking about the economic and technological impact of virtual worlds.'" (Foster, 2008)





Howard Rhingold, author and professor who has created videos about himself and SL. (Will want to explore his page some more) 





 Joe Sanchez is a doctoral student at the University of Texas in Austin who is teaching a class on Working in Virtual Worlds.




Kay McLennan, a professor from Tulane University, New Orleans, who is interested in using Second Life with her business classes.





Sharon Smaldino, gave a presentation on teaching SL.  Would like to talk with her more about the different strategies she used.  Her Second Life name is Sherri Heron.