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Math Home Links

Home Links are used to reinforce and extend lessons.  Generally, Home Links are 'due' by the end of the unit 
(see calendars to find when units end).  It would probably be most beneficial for Home Links to be completed 
somewhat close to their assigned date just because the information will probably be a bit more fresh. We do 
realize, however, that there are a variety of family activities and unexpected events that involve students 
throughout the week.  We simply ask that children do their best to complete the Home Links at some point 
during the unit.  

Once turned into school, Home Links will not returned back to families because classroom teachers are under the assumption that an adult at home was already in on the completion of the Home Link and aware of the work performed. This is why we expect parents to sign, and Home Links will be returned for parent signatures in order for students to have credit for completing the work.

One goal for second grade is to work on establishing homework routines and responsibility. Hopefully, having these skills will help make your child's future educational experiences be even more positive!


Keep the Home Link book AT HOME in a safe place.
• Look at the Weekly Assignment Sheet to see if a Home Link is assigned (for 
example, today we wrote HL 2.1 for Home Link 2.1).
• Help your child (or do this yourself) tear the Home Link out of the book.
• Student completes the Home Link (first writing name, date, and time at the 
Parent SIGNS the Home Link.
• Home Link is returned to school (next day, if possibleat least by the end of the unit).

My Reference Book (MRB):

• Some Home Links will have a symbol for My Reference Book – an open book with MRB over the top, and a page number written on the inside of the book. I will send home the MRB if it is needed for a certain Home Link.   PLEASE be sure the MRB is always returned to school the next day – even if you didn’t complete the assignment that night as we do use these books at school as well!
• A MRB has been checked out to each student (with the bar code on the front cover).  If your son/daughter hasn’t  
  already done so, please also write 
his/her name with PENCIL on the inside front cover.
• Lost MRBs will need to be replaced at the family’s expense.

Other notes about Home Links:

• Some Home Links will have a picture of a calculator in a circle with a slash mark over it indicating that use of calculators is NOT permitted on that particular Home Link.
• Home Links that DO NOT have a parent signature will be returned in order to get a parent signature.
• Please DO NOT work ahead in Home Link books. These are meant to follow up on classroom instruction for that particular day.
• I may assign Home Links out of order from time to time. Be sure to do the Home link assigned on the Weekly Assignment Sheet.
• Lost Home Link books will need to be replaced at the family’s expense.
• PLEASE take the time to read the Family Note written at the top of Home Links. They offer information to you on how this activity links to what was done in school.
• Some Family Notes are a separate page from the work the student is to complete. I only need the page the student completed. Usually, these Family Notes will even say at the bottom, “Please return the second page of this Home Link to school tomorrow.” (see HL 2.9 for example)
• Some Home Links involve students cutting things (like fact triangles) to use at home for practice. These Home Links DO NOT need to be returned to school. I don’t need the Family Note with a parent signature either.