-- Second Generation Connections and Resources --

Children of Holocaust Survivors and Second Generation

of Boston and Massachusetts

A Resource for Children of Holocaust Survivors

(the "Second Generation" "2G's")

Boston region and Massachusetts

Discussion meetings held in-person Framingham, Massachusetts

(since 2020 - via Zoom during the Pandemic)

Second Generation Connections and Resources provides a setting for discussion and learning, as well as a location to seek helpful resources. An ongoing supportive, educational discussion group for children of Holocaust survivors has been meeting regularly since the Summer of 1998.

Some of the topics include:

  • Sharing, learning and understanding about your family or relatives's experiences

  • The impact of family experiences on yourself and life

  • Learning from historical perspectives

  • Informing and teaching the next generation

  • Dealing with aging survivor parents

  • Dealing with any concerns or needs you may have

  • Seeking helpful resources or information

Come meet others who share similar experiences, and connect. Contact us to join in the discussion and network of support, or to inquire about helpful resources.

Location: Framingham, Massachusetts (west of Boston)

Contact for information: Second Generation Connections

Ask for: Lillian Fox at 508-875-8101

Email: lfox2GCR@aol.com

Web Address: www.secondgenerationconnections.com