Ministry Leadership

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Choir Ministries - Rehearsal Times

Congress of Christian Education - Karen Posey

Culinary Ministry & Soup Kitchen Coordinators - Mary Andrews & Patricia Rodez

Deacon Board - Deacon Wilbur Scott

Mother's and Deaconess Board - Mother Musetta Hilliard

Drama Ministry - Pearl Blaylock

Evangelism Ministry - Rev. Andrew Smith

Greeters Ministry - Ressie Broyles

Laymen’s Ministry - Deacon Michael Lewis

Missionary Ministry - Cansada Beck

Multi Media Ministry - Deacon Hosea Turner, Jr.

Nurses Ministry - Jean Thompson Smith

Nursery Ministry - 

Pastor’s Aid Ministry - Danethel Whitfield

Photo Ministry - Katherine Bady

Scholarship Ministry - Danethel Whitfield

Sunday School - Deacon Leonard Anderson

Technology Ministry - Margaret Rushing

Transportation Ministry - Deacon Anthony Adnrews

Trustee Board - Deacon Hosea Turner, Jr.

Usher Board Ministry - Reola Blake

Youth Ministry - Marilyn Ross Golden

Youth Choir - Beth Lewis

Courtesy Desk & Welcome - Sandra Steward & Vallrie Brooks

Announcements - Beth Lewis & Melba Lewis

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