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EDSU 534: Preparing 21st Century Learners: A Collaborative and Integrated Approach    

This course is a new single subject methods course aimed at helping teacher preparation students apply 21st Century Skills to their teaching.  I will be posting useful sites and information throughout the year.  These resources are also available in the Blackboard course shell, but this site will provide opportunities for sharing ideas and best practices for teaching the course content outside of Blackboard.  This is primarily for instructors - but students may also access these resources after the term is over.

Opportunity for All: Access to Career Skills and College-Level Courses

YouTube Video


Rethinking High School: President Obama Announces New Youth CareerConnect Grants

  • White House Blog Announcement - April 7th, 2014

  • Obama announces federal grants to help prepare students for careers - April 7, 2014 Washington Post

  • "Twenty-four awards, totaling $107 million, will be given across the country to partnerships of education agencies, workforce investment boards, universities and corporations to help them re­design learning so students will graduate “with the knowledge, skills, and industry-relevant education needed to get on the pathway to a successful career, including post-secondary education or registered apprenticeship,” according to a White House official."

Linked Learning Observation and
  • Explore Linked Learning Sites in your Area – Week 1
  • Submit your plan for how you will accomplish this – Week 2
  • Due at end of Week 4
Multidisciplinary Integrated Curriculum Unit Plan
  • Begin Group Wiki Collaboration – Weeks 2-4
  • Weekly Adobe Connect Group Break-Out Rooms (online)
  • Weekly Group Collaboration (blended)
  • Group Integrated Unit Plan – Due Week 5
  • Individual Project-Based Lesson Plan *Signature Assignment in LiveText – Due Week 6
  • Collaborative Prezi Presentation in Adobe Connect (online) or in Class (Blended) – Weeks 7 & 8Final Reflective Paper: Collaboration Self Assessment and Peer Evaluation – Week 8

Flipped Classroom Website in Edmodo
  • Get Edmodo account in week 3
  • Plan resources, websites, etc. for individual project-based lesson – weeks 6-7
  • Create flipped instructional video (Weeks 4-5, Due week 7
  • Create short online quiz in Edmodo based on the flipped video direct instruction

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