Satellite meeting of CCS16
Closing conference of project GROWTHCOM

September 20th 2016
 Beurs Van Berlage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The increasing interconnectedness and the growing complexity of economic and financial systems pose a radical challenge to mainstream economic theories. The financial crisis and the following economic contagion over the last decade have dramatically demonstrated the need for a paradigm shift in  economic thinking
Such new approach must be strongly data-driven and cannot neglect concepts such as  complexity, networks and non linear feedbacks. This new thinking must also overcome the present impasse where, very often, economic theories are increasingly seen to be global and ideological paradigms which compete against each other. Using a medical metaphor, we instead, more and more, need tools and methodologies to diagnose the economic state, and in light of this to choose the most appropriate protocol.

This satellite meeting aims to host  a series of works which have been able to shed light on the complexity of financial, social and economic systems and to provide a significant  impact on standard economic theories. The topics proposed will be heterogeneous but they all share the common ambition to provide a real comprehension of the complexity shaping present economic systems in order to provide tools to support the design of better economic policies and eventually deliver better societal wealth
Concrete examples of the topics which will be discussed are the complex pathways of development of countries, the complexity of technological ecosystems, the highly complex networks determining how countries can innovate, finance beyond the standard economic vision, recommendation systems for socio-economic systems and e-commerce, etc.