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XMB Linux

A long time ago, I thought the PS3 would be the next best thing on the linux media player scene so I started coding a XMB interface to use as a media player front end that was called ETV.

How did it look:

What was there:
- A nice looking XMB clone coded in EFL
- XMB File browser (shows a list of files, launches a program associated to the file)
- XMB Launcher (associate a icon and a system call)
- Yes/No Dialog
- a Clock
- Joystick support
- lirc support (not tested, probably unfinished)
- A basic xine client (should be replaced by a proper gstreamer implementation)
- Theming support
- Sound effects (broken on ubuntu)

I abandonned the idea of finishing this a long time ago so it's more than time to release it.

Edit the etv.conf file to point to your directories.

Resolving the compilation dependencies is left as an exercise to the reader (evas, ecore, glib, xine and alsa come to mind).

Sébastien Delestaing,
Apr 18, 2010, 1:19 PM