SEBOinc.  is an international representative of the companies.


The representative activity is based on agreements and rules of the planned and led projects in fashion industry.

The company was established in Moscow in 2005, as an enterprise working in fashion industry and managing various projects according to the signed contracts and agreements.

Projects (ongoing):


Fashion Exchange - trading sessions, purchase of the goods under the advanced order.


Fashion Manufacture - industrial session, allocation of orders on tailoring on consignments of goods.


Career - action for staff selection, employment of experts in fashion industry.


Media - "Trustthefashionindustry" information-analytical agency, news and info about various events in fashion industry.



Projects (developing):


Investment on fashionable brands - action for engaging of investment for implementation of business projects.


Fashion forum - event, competition of fashionable collections for their further promotion on the market.


Fashion market - competition, promotion of fashionable brands (ready-made collections) for the sales in the shops (prepayment).


Fashion house - the international program on development and promotion of perspective brands and collections.