2013-2014 8th Grade Team

Welcome to the site of Sebasticook Valley Middle School's 8th grade team.  Our team of four is headed by Ms. Reid (Language Arts), Mrs. Hopkins (Social Studies), Ms. Kennedy (Science), and Mr. O'Connell (Math).  On this site you can find our contact information, simple descriptions of what we do and what we expect, links to other sites.

Language Arts - Class is taught by Ms. Reid who also serves as the assistant principal in the building.  Language Arts class addresses RSU #19's Reading and Writing Standards.  For reading, students are required to read at least twenty-five books covering a wide range of genres.  The writing standards primarily focus on responding to a piece of literature, writing narrative and persuasive pieces, as well as completing research.  In addition to the work on these standards, there are opportunities for students to write poetry, give clear directions in a written format, and practice speaking publicly.  Ms. Reid says her major goal, as a Language Arts teacher, is to instill a love of reading and writing in her students.

Social Studies - Social studies is taught by Mrs. Hopkins. Throughout the year we will cover topics such as: Civics and Government – looking at and discussing events surrounding the 2008 Presidential election, as well as items placed on our state and local ballots.  Students will look closely at our school's government and create a platform for discussion with Mr. Johnston on issues related to students' privileges.  Students will also be required to read the usual 4 historical fictions this year - one per quarter.

Geography – becoming proficient with geographical terms; such as latitude, longitude, compass rose, time zones, and identifying the location of the 50 states in America.

History – immigration and migration have had an immense impact on the culture and structure of the United States.  Students will examine the effects of Ellis Island.

Economics – developing a product to market and advertise that is relevant to Maine culture, using resources found in Maine. 

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Science - Class is taught by Ms. Kennedy   If there is a word that is not known, the student can find the definition or not use the word.  Organization is another skill we are working on.  All material given should be put into a three ring binder.  The homework expectation for science is 15 minutes a night - from Sunday through Thursday."

Math - Class is taught by Mr. O'Connell who started in the 2010-2011 school year.  In math they will cover a variety of concepts including: geometry, formulas, patterns, graphing, equations, algebra, etc.  There is also an emphasis on fraction work and basic multiplication on most days - in the form of daily problems - in hopes to better prepare the students for high school.  Weekly word problems and sunshine maths accompany book work.  Word problems will be available online soon.  

* Not shown on here is the usual on-going work expected such as: 15 minutes a night in Science, 25 books a year in Language Arts, and 4 historical fictions (1 per quarter) for Social Studies.