Sebastian Stumpner

I am a research economist at Banque de France. My areas of interest are macroeconomics and international economics.




From Macro to Micro: Large Exporters Coping with Global Crises (R&R, with J.C. Bricongne, J. Carluccio, L. Fontagné, and G. Gaulier), BdF working paper N. 881 (July 2022). Summaries: BdF Blog, VoxEU, SUERF Policy Brief

Trade under Lockdown (R&R, with Antoine Berthou), BdF working paper N. 867 (Feb 2022), BdF Blog 1, BdF Blog 2

Estimating U.S. Consumer Gains from Chinese Imports (with Liang Bai). American Economic Review: Insights, Vol 1, Issue 2 (Sep 2019), pp. 209-224. Summaries: BdF Blog, Econbrowser

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Capital Account Liberalization and Aggregate Productivity: The Role of Firm Capital Allocation (with Mauricio Larrain). Journal of Finance, Vol 72, Issue 4 (Aug 2017), pp.1825-1858


The Implications of globalisation for the ECB monetary policy strategy, ECB Occasional Paper N. 263 (Sep 2021). VoxEU Summary on the Globalisation-Inflation part where I was involved

BdF Blog on transport costs and US import prices (May 2022)