Ph.D., The University of Chicago (2016)Postdoctorate, Princeton University (2018)


I'm an Assistant Professor of Economics at the UAI Business School, Chile.

My work uses economic models, field experiments and administrative data to study behavioral and human capital topics.

Google Scholar Profile: 763 cites, H-index: 10HCEO - UChicago Profile


Journal of Public Economics, Just Accepted, 2023.

Increasing the Take-up of Public Health Services: an At-Scale Experiment on Digital Government,

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Political Turnover Negatively Affects the Quality of Public Services: A Replication,  

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Early Skill Effects on Parental Beliefs, Investments, and Children Long- Run Outcomes, 

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Using Behavioral Insights to Increase Parental Engagement, 

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Predoctoral Publications

Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, 2015 [link].

Persistence in the Transmission of Education: Evidence across Three Generations for Chile, 

with P. Celhay. 

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The 1999-2007 Public-Private Wage Gap in LAC: A Matching Approach, 

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Does Relative Ability Matter in College? 

with D. Contreras and F. Meneses, in Spanish. 

Selected Ongoing Work

Educational Mobility Across Three Generations in Latin America,

with P. Celhay. Winner of CAF Grant Mobility in Latin America (3 out of 216 proposals).  New! U. of Chicago Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Working Paper Series #2023-013 [link]. Submitted.

Complementarity and Substitutability in the Production of Early Human Capital,

with J.L. Garcia.  [link]. Submitted

Screening and Recruiting Talent At Teacher Colleges using Pre-College Academic Achievement,

with C. Neilson, F. Calle and M. Karnani. 

Princeton University, Industrial Relations Section Working Paper #636.

HCEO-UChicago Working Paper #2022-004 [link].  Submitted

Returns to Education in Mechanisms with Strategic Reporting and Imperfect Compliance: The Chilean Case, 

with M. Berthana, M. Luflade and I. Mourifie. Work in Progress.

Returns to Human Capital Investments beyond College, 

with C. Neilson, F. Huneeus and G. Gaete. Work in Progress.

Starting Age and Starting Wages,

with myself. Work in Progress.

50 years of College Entrance Exams and Gaps in College Access in Chile, 

with A. Barrios and C. Neilson. Work in Progress.

Book Chapters

Financing Education for Vulnerable Groups: The Preferential School Subsidy, 

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