Polydactyl Maine Coons


Kerry Ellen Avery

The history of the Polydactyl Sebago Mist Maine Coon all originates from the beautiful silvery blue mackerel tabby with white, four-footed polydactyl Misty. Misty is a native of Maine and was born by the waters of the Androscoggin river.

Misty is a beautiful example of the Maine Coon found in the wilderness of Maine. She has a very distinct toe-pattern as an example of the “double-pawed” Maine Coons we see today. There is always a slight variation of the toe patterns and the Sebago Mist Polydactyl has the charming thumb shape, or mitten, 


excellent for grabbing the favorite toy or the opening of a cupboard for treats! 


Misty had a son named Sebago Mist Sir Alex who was the splitting image of Misty as a lad. He is also a silvery blue mackerel tabby with white, a four-footed polydactyl.

Sir Alex also has the sweet thumb style polydactyl toes and beautiful whiskers to match! Sir Alex became our father and grandfather of new lovely double-pawed kittens!


Blue Mackerel Tabby –4x Polydactyl

Torbie with White – 2x Polydactyl

Blue Solid – 4x Polydactyl

Brown Tabby with White - 4x Polydactyl


Blue Solid with White – 4x Polydactyl


Red Mackerel Tabby Van - 2x Polydactyl

Calico - 2x Polydactyl

A polydactyl Maine coon is a Maine Coon in every characteristic and with extra toes.  This word means multi-toed, and the extra-large paws are nicknamed double-paws, because the paws are usually double-wide in size.   They can walk through snow more easily, hence another nickname of snowshoe cat; but most often, they are simply called polys.