SeaWind Class Owners Association - USA

This web site is intended as a source of news and information about the Kyosho SeaWind RC yacht and the US SeaWind Class Owners Association which is recognized by the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA) as the governing body for the Class.

Latest news:

1. The Upcoming Events page has been updated with 2018 planned Regattas

                         2. We have a new National Champion! Allan "Tex" Vinson, Phoenix, AZ thoroughly beat a field                                      including two past Champions, Mike Eades and Dennis Desprois to become a worthy Champion.
                         The Full Results can be downloaded from the Regatta Results page.

                         3. 2016 SeaWind National Champion, Steve Helander, Greensboro, MYC added the Region 3                                              Championship title May 5-6, 2017- Congratulations!
                                Full Results are posted on the Regatta Results page.
                             Mike Eades
                            Secretary, SeaWind COA

SeaWind skippers will be well aware that there has been a hitch in the supply chain for SeaWind Readyset boats and parts. My contact at Kyosho America apologetically explained that there has been significant disruption to the RC Model industry both parts manufacture and distribution with several key players closing their doors resulting in suppliers like Kyosho scrambling to find alternative sources of parts for several key product lines. RC sail boats unfortunately, although steady performers, are not mainstays of profitability for Kyosho or others and take a back seat while other higher priority product lines are dealt with. Recently (late June) I received some good news that production of SeaWind parts has resumed. The earliest projected date for receipt of products in the US is September, fingers crossed… Kyosho’s commitment to the SeaWind product line remains strong!

New SeaWind Fleets!
Zane Grey MYC, Payson, AZ is starting a SeaWind fleet!
Shasta MYC, Redding CA has an active SeaWind Fleet!
Chattanooga, TN Model Boat Club sails at Camper World with 9 active SeaWinds
Lake Keowee, SC Sailing Club has 8 SeaWinds with 13 more on order!
Queen City MYC, Charlotte, NC has a large active SeaWind Fleet!
Contact Mike Eades, Class Secretary for further information.
The SeaWind One Design model sailboat is a 1-meter replica of a 1980’s America's Cup yacht, distributed by KYOSHO Japan whose US subsidiary Kyosho America
is located in California and through hobby stores worldwide. The SeaWind was introduced in kit form in the mid 1990’s with a molded ABS hull, excellent quality fittings, aluminum spars and good quality single panel sails. In 2003 a SeaWind Class Owners Association (COA) was formed and sanctioned by AMYA to administer the SeaWind Class with Class Rules framed around the standard ABS kit version. A few early fiberglass kits SeaWind SE were sold and a number of carbon fiber kits SeaWind CE were introduced in the late 2000’s. These lighter weight boats were allowed to sail in the class with weight compensation as defined in the Rules. Kit production ceased in 2011 and a new ready to run (RTR) version SeaWind Readyset was introduced in 2013. 

The SeaWind Readyset comes with pre-painted ABS hull in a blue-white color scheme and rigged ready to assemble with installed electronics and a 2.4 Ghz radio. (Detailed Product ReviewPhotos) The SeaWind Readyset lists for $499.99 but discounted prices below $400 are available. Kyosho have also announced a limited Carbon Edition Readyset with prices around $550.00. The quality of design and fittings continue to make the SeaWind an excellent fleet boat with enough performance potential to satisfy even the most discriminating skipper. The SeaWind COA has demonstrated a strong organization with active fleets in all AMYA Regions and an active annual program of Regional and National Championship Regattas.

Jay Niggli's SeaWind  in action!

The Class Rules tightly control the boat elements to ensure new skippers are not faced with a costly refit to be competitive while allowing minor modifications to rigging (materials and adjustment methods) to facilitate tuning and to the hatch cover to ensure watertight integrity.

To register a SeaWind and join the SCOA download the Registration Form, fill it out and mail it to the Class Secretary together with a check/money order for the one-time fee ($7). The Secretary will issue an official sail number and mail you a Registration Card, Hull Certificate, "S" sail logos, a sail number template and a Summary Tuning Guide.

Although it is not necessary to be a member of the American Model Yachting Association to register a SeaWind we do encourage AMYA membership as the Association represents all aspects of model yachting and publishes an excellent quarterly magazine "Model Yachting" which alone is worth the membership fee.

National Champions Mike Eades #86, Dennis Desprois #06 & Region 5 Champion Dave Nydell #224 battle at Litchfield Park.