Academic year 2018-2019 Schedule

-- Meetings are at noon on the second Thursday of the month--

-- Titles will be updated as they become available --

Fall 2018

  • October 11th, [J-412, UW Main Campus]

Welcome reception for new faculty member, Jeff Rasmussen (refreshments provided!)

  • November 8th, [J-412, UW Main Campus]

Lauren Saunders (Trapnell) - "Thyroid hormone modulates pigment cell differentiation during post-embryonic pattern formation"

Andrew Kennard (Theriot) - "Starting and stopping cell migration in vivo: examples from epidermal wound healing"

  • December 13th, [J-412, UW Main Campus]

Jeff Rasmussen (PI) - "Aligning bones and nerves in the fish skin"

Alysha Cypher (Incardona) - "Mechanisms of delayed mortality after early life exposure to crude oil in Pacific Herring"

Winter 2019

  • January 10th, [J-412, UW Main Campus]

Justin Lee (Berndt) - "Modeling social impairment and optogenetic intervention/rescue in zebrafish model"

Elisa Clark (Ruohola-Baker) - "Amino acid priming of mTOR is essential for heart regeneration"

  • February - no meeting

  • March 14th, [South Lake Union, E130A]

Andrea McQuate (Raible) - "Mitochondrial networks play a functional role in zebrafish lateral line hair cells"

Ellie Norby (Theriot) - "2D confinement of isolated epidermal cells as a model of cell migration within skin"

  • April 11th, [J-412, UW Main Campus]

Adam Isabella (Moens) - TBD

Steve Adelmund (DeForest) - TBD