New and Noteworthy at Seattle Soto Zen

Is it coming down a little hard?

We live so much of our lives simply trying to avoid difficulty. We construct protective barriers around ourselves, and these lead to further isolation and suffering. But there is a way to turn and meet our lives directly, a way not to protect ourselves but to give ourselves to the world. In doing this, we find, somewhat unexpectedly, freedom and joy.

Come Sit with Us

We follow the forms of Soto Zen with a spirit of warmth and inclusion in the tradition of Suzuki Roshi, founder of the San Francisco Zen Center. Anyone interested in meditation is welcome, whether new or experienced. 
We are an affiliate of Everyday Zen Foundation, led by Zoketsu Norman Fischer, former Abbot of San Francisco Zen Center, and of Clouds in Water Zen Center, led by Byakuren Judith Ragir, long time student of Katagiri Roshi.

Our Sangha is led by Eko Jeff Kelley, a priest in the Dainin Katagiri Roshi lineage.