About Us

The mission of The Principia is to serve the cause of Christian Science in a "whole man" education, and the mission of the Principia Club is to support Principia.  We have several events that vary from year-year, but we have three activities that we do consistently every year and we would love for you to make them a part of your tradition for your family as well. 

February - Valentine's Care packages for area Principia Students (Middle School, Upper School, and College)
March - Principia Community Networking Event
December - Annual Christmas Sing

Additionally, we usually have at least one to three different events per year such as Speakers, Dances, Video Viewings, Dinners, etc. for the local Principia Community to participate in.  Your membership in the Seattle to the Cascades Principia Club helps to cover the costs of these fun events and to help cover costs for local prospective students to visit Principia.  You can become a member of the Principia Club regardless of your church standing or your attendance at any of the Principia Schools.  In addition to helping cover activities costs, your Principia Club membership will also get you a 10% discount on tuition for online courses offered by Principia College!

We appreciate your support!  If you would like to become a member, please join today by clicking here and select "WA - Seattle to Cascades".