Lynnwood's Meadowdale Park

Warning: Bus service on Community Transit is currently too limited to make this hike feasible. Hopefully, this will change in the future

Enjoy a walk through a lushly forested ravine to Puget Sound beach in Lynnwood

Hike Length: 3.5 miles (including 1 mile of road walking)

Elevation Gain: 400'

Hike Difficulty: easy

Updated 1/12/2018

Meadowdale Park is a lush wilderness oasis amidst the suburban sprawl of Lynnwood. A well-groomed and popular trail leads 1.25 miles down a lush forested ravine to a beach on Puget Sound.

The start of the Lunds Gulch trail at Meadowdale Park

Getting There

In downtown Seattle, catch Sound Transit 510 and ride to Mountlake Terrace Transit Center. Transfer to Community Transit 119 (plan carefully on weekends, bus leaves only hourly). Get off at the intersection of 52nd Ave and 156th St. Walk west on 156th St to the park entrance at 60th Ave.

The Hike

From the park entrance, walk the short driveway to the trailhead parking lot. Meadowdale Park's single hiking trail starts here. Heading downhill, the trail crosses a lawn, then enters a wild forested ravine - Lunds Gulch - where the sights and sounds of civilization are quickly left behind. The trail descends at a good clip, losing nearly 400 feet, before leveling out beside a sizable creek. Returning up that hill will give you quite an aerobic workout!

After a mile or so of walking through the lovely forested ravine, you arrive at a lawn with a scattering of picnic tables, and the ranger residence. A pedestrian tunnel leads under the railroad tracks and out onto the beach, where there is a good view of the south tip of Whidbey Island across the waters of Puget Sound.

During a low tide it may be possible to take an extended beach walk. Going all the way to Edmonds may be feasible (I haven't done it). Do not be tempted to walk the tracks as train traffic is heavy and dangerous.

When tired of the beach, return the way you came.

Bright red swing set, Meadowdale Park

Getting Back

Retrace your steps to the bus stop on 52nd Ave. Ride CT 119 to Lynnwood Transit Center, then ST 511 to Seattle.