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Ashok Immaneni

Ashok Kumara was trained in Carnatic vocal music for twelve years while he was growing up in Andhra Pradesh, India. During his graduate student days in Seattle (1989-94), Ashok founded Shruti group, played keyboards and the role of a conductor. After three years of absence, Ashok returned to Seattle in 1998 and started Sadhana School of Arts focused on Carnatic vocal music training. In 2003 he switched to full-time music teaching and created innovative programs for little kids and parents. In Dec 2012, Ashok is closing down Sadhana School to pursue other interests related to the mysteries of human life. His new website is


B. Ashok (Bash) grew up addicted to the music of R.D.Burman and Ilayaraja.  After being a bathroom singer for several years, he first sang in public during his college days at IIT Madras.  In the summer of 1992, he got together with a few friends in Seattle to jam for fun and those jamming sessions eventually became Shruti 1.0.  He sang at various Shruti and Geetanjali programs over the years and now lives in Bangalore with his family.

Bipasha Mukherjee

Popular Seattle figure who specializes in the sultry Asha Bhonsle voice. She is one of the original members of the band and is well-known to the local community. She has a strong (and vocal) fan following and almost always brings the crowd to their feet. Self-styled designated caretaker of any cute lilÂ’ ones she can come across!


At 10, Shankar started learning the acoustic guitar for 5 years. He played in a small high school band and for his college hostel band in the senior year. He joined Shruti to try out light Indian music on his guitar, and hang out with friends, something he describes as an awesome experience!

Shankar now lives with his wife and 2 daughters Virginia, where he continues to stay in touch with music. Every now and then, he and his wife try out old Kishore/Lata duets on the karaoke machine. I also enjoy listening to my 13 year old, Meghna playing the piano and 9 year old daughter, Kavya, who is training in Carnatic music.