The Bare Essentials

Okay, I don't have the logistics of this all worked out so bear with me.  It's a recent idea, and I really need/want your input to help bring it to fruition. Because the idea is only a few weeks old, this site is woefully lacking... but at least it's here, right?
I chose New Year's Eve since it's a day when people usually make an exception to go out, which lends to more diversity.
This is all rooted in the camaraderie and experiences I had growing up, serving in the Military, attending University, and teaching. (see About)
I realize this isn't going to be for everyone, but even if this doesn't suit you, please pass it along to someone who might have an interest.  20xx is going to be a great one!

Please CONTACT me and let me know what your ideas are!

Why You Should Help Launch this Club

In the last ten years there have been phenomenal advancements in gay civil rights and in societal understanding and acceptance. The sheer momentum of that is astounding.  Today, you can openly serve in the United States armed forces and even marry with all the rights and recognitions of any other couple.
We're living in a time that was not visible on the horizon just thirty years ago.
These advancements did not come through the mere passage of time but rather through the industrious efforts of those who knew that being willing was not enough and simply knowing was not enough:

"Willing is not enough;
We must do.
Knowing is not enough;
We must apply."

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Now, that we have moved further out of the shadows, there's a greater need for ways to meet and socialize that aren't gay-centric.
Many have experienced the disillusionment that comes from the gay "community" when it revolves solely around canonical, if not stereotypical, gay activities and venues. Yet we do nothing to create alternatives for those who are more mainstream, ambitious, and industrious.  There has to be a place for those who are gay, but aren't into "the scene."

This club is an attempt to start a community for those who are "hands on," actively participating in life, and want to meet others who are like-minded.  It doesn't matter what you're into, so long as it's not laying around doing nothing all day, every day.

  • Maybe you're the type that likes to tinker on you car or motorcycle and would rather change your own oil instead of paying someone else to do it.  But where would you do that when you live in a barracks, dorm, or apartment? Even washing and detailing your vehicle is difficult if you don't have the right facilities.
  • Maybe you have no idea how to plan and prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for ten.
  • Maybe you would like to make custom shelving or cabinets but don't know anyone who can help or has the room/equipment for such things.
  • Maybe you always wanted to learn how to lay tile instead of dealing with contractors who take no pride in their work and in the end your wallet is lighter and your blood is boiling.

It's Not Home Improvement and Auto Mechanics

If you have a Can-Do attitude, then this might be the right way to meet others like yourself.  It can be fun, educational, and productive even if not all at the same time;  Usually, it is, though.
I believe there are plenty of guys who want to learn/do things and plenty of guys who can help.  In the process, there's lots of opportunity to make friends, have barbecues, just hang out, etc.
Think of all the talent and resources we really do have and what a wonderful thing it would be to get all these Industrious Guys together.

I Will, Personally, Host Two Member Barbecues a Year

Everything from airbrushing and arc-welding, to playing drums and custom web design.  Maybe you're an expert at pottery and glazing or stained glass and leading.  Or... you want to learn how to do those things from someone who is.
It's all about a mind-set and I think like-minds make for good conversations, good times, and good friends.

Please contact me and let me know what your ideas are!

What's the Basic Idea?

A community for gay men in the greater Seattle area that are creative/industrious/renaissance  (or wish to be) and wish to help, collaborate, and share with others.
This is a grass-roots effort to start a group that doesn't limit itself to any one activity or hobby but has a common thread of people who are actively DOING things and have a passion for anything from welding and automotive repair, to gardening and cooking.

If you're always bored, then find something to be passionate about.  The resources are there if you look for them. They certainly won't come looking for you.

Younger guys can learn from the more experienced guys and vice versa.

"If you're bored, then you're boring."

-Harvey Danger